Squawking The Squawk

President Obama, Castro, Chavez, Ortega, and Zelaya certainly seem to be birds of a feather. Or, at least, President Obama is good at squawking the squawk of a Socialist or Communist dictator.

Obama, Castro, Chavez, Ortega, - Birds of a Feather
Obama, Castro, Chavez, Ortega, and Zelaya – Birds of a Feather

On Tuesday, June 30, 2009, under the direction of President Obama, the United States co-sponsored legislation with Marxist regimes of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Evo Morales in Bolivia in solidarity with- and support of the recently ousted Socialist leader and would-be Leftist dictator Manuel Zelaya of Honduras.

As reported by The Hill:

The U.S. co-sponsored a successful U.N. resolution supporting Honduras’s ousted leader Tuesday as Republicans began to speak out against the Obama administration’s condemnation of the overthrow.

Manuel Zelaya, who was arrested and forced into exile Sunday, addressed the U.N. General Assembly after the unanimous vote on the resolution sponsored in part by Bolivia, Mexico, Venezuela and the United States.

“The resolution that the United Nations has just adopted unanimously … expresses the indignation of the people of Honduras and the people worldwide,” said Zelaya, who began his speech by thanking Venezuela and Ecuador.

President Obama, meeting with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe on Monday, said the U.S. would “stand with democracy” in the face of the overthrow.

H/T to Gateway Pundit

Those were very stirring words spewing from Obama’s mouth. He’s standing with democracy in the face of a military coup. That sounds so American. It’s a shame for America that these words are, like most of what issues from Obama’s craw, lies and falsehoods.

Manuel Zelaya - ousted Leftist would-be  dictator of HondurasPresident Zelaya of Honduras was in his last constitutionally allowed term in office as President. This bothered him since he wanted to remain in power longer.

So Zelaya decided to change the Honduran constitution. He attempted to hold a referendum in June to decide about convening a Constitutional National Assembly to approve a new Constitution that would eliminate the problematical term limits. He attempted this despite the fact that the Honduran Constitution expressly forbid such changes being made to it.

The Honduran Constitution, approved in 1982 as the nation was recovering from two decades of nearly uninterrupted military dictatorships, states that any politician who promotes presidential re-election will be barred from public service for 10 years.

The Honduran Supreme Court, the Congress of Honduras, the Attorney General of Honduras, and the top national electoral body all ruled that the referendum as demanded by Zelaya was unconstitutional and illegal. Zelaya, with the backing of Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, defied the Honduran court and held the referendum vote anyway.

When Romeo Vásquez Velásquez, the Congressional appointed head of the Honduran  Armed Forces, refused to violate Honduran law by passing out the ballots Zelaya fired him and moved more “cooperative” people into command of  the Honduran military.

From Yahoo! News:

Government supporters began distributing ballots at 15,000 voting stations across the country, defying a Supreme Court ruling declaring Sunday’s referendum illegal and ordering all election material confiscated. President Manuel Zelaya had led thousands of supporters to recover the material from an air force warehouse before it could be confiscated.

Under Honduran law, soldiers are normally responsible for distributing ballots ahead of elections, but the military leadership has opposed the vote. Zelaya has fired the military chief for refusing to support the referendum and vows to ignore a Supreme Court ruling ordering him reinstated.

At this point the Congress and Supreme Court of Honduras, faced with a President who was acting in direct violation of the Honduran Constitution and the nation’s laws, sent loyal troops to arrest Zelaya and exile him to Costa Rica, a neutral country in this matter.


Can any real American honestly say that siding with a President who directly violates the Constitution, the Supreme Court, and the Congress of his nation in order to illegally extend the duration of his regime as standing with democracy in the face of the overthrow?

But this is President Obama we’re talking about. His beliefs rarely seem to coincide with those of Americans and he seems to have rarely met a Leftist that he didn’t like. 🙁

One has to wonder – just a little bit – if his support for Zelaya is a harbinger of America’s future when we finally remove Obama from power, whether it be through election, term limits, impeachment, or otherwise…

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3 Responses to “Squawking The Squawk”

  1. zhann Says:

    This is a very interesting piece. Not knowing anything about Honduras, I can’t exactly comment intelligently, but you paint an interesting picture of the situation. With that said, it is difficult to understand Obama’s intentions in this political move. There must be some other motive, most likely big business of some sort, that is spurring Obama.

    Nice article … stolen.

  2. jonolan Says:


    The US has little in the way of significant business interests in Honduras, certainly not enough to warrant our siding with Zelaya.

  3. DirtCrashr Says:

    I don’t think Obama like to have his plan revealed so soon.
    The vote itself was illegal and the ballots too – which were printed in Venezuela, probably for free by Zayala’s friend Chavez who had been helping him financially.
    The Obama Administration’s response is a shameful, plodding example of Ugly Americanism.

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