de Blasio’s Safer NYC

de Blasio's Safer NYC
de Blasio’s Safer NYC

So, Mayor “Cop Killer” de Blasio releases a horde of 1500+ prisoners because of COVID-19 and brags how the city is safer. Meanwhile, inexplicably, murder rates and other crime rates soar immediately afterward.

It truly begs the question, safer for whom? Certainly, it’s not safer for those in NYC who actually pay taxes.

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2 Responses to “de Blasio’s Safer NYC”

  1. American Daze Purple Haze Says:

    THE PEOPLE should storm City Hall and physically throw that lying corrupt communist out of office. If we’re going to have revolutions, make them count.

  2. jonolan Says:

    It'd be a good thing, and it'd send the right message. But there are far too few of the People in NYC to pull that off. We're rarities here – a lot like missionaries in some 3rd World shithole.

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