Goth Girlfriends Then & Now

Goth Girlfriends Then & Now
Goth Girlfriends Then & Now

Times change, morality changes, all things follow the entropic curve, save those which we defend with all we have. And this is most true of goth girlfriends and our relationships with them. 👿

A Goth Girlfriend Then (4th Century AD)

Oh yeah! In the 4th Century AD the Lord would have certainly forsaken any Roman man with a Goth – Visigoth in this case – girlfriend. And having one was kinky, actually very taboo, in and of itself, especially since marriage between him and her would be a crime punishable by death (Soraci, 1964) after 371 AD.

Goth Girlfriends Now

These days, both Goth girls and what is and isn’t kinky are a lot different than back in the days of the twilight of the Roman Empire. Still, that doesn’t in any way mean you should be confident that you haven’t given the Lord just cause to forsake you.

Disclaimer & Advice: My somewhat out of date but not inconsequential experience with Goth girls lends a fair amount of evidence and weight to the hypothesis that they’re not significantly more kinky during sex than most other women. Hence, depending upon what you’re looking for and to what extent your projecting your own fetishes, you might be disappointed. 😉

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An Apt Comparison But…

Some Americans have made a number of disparaging comments about how President Obama has been and still is spending an inordinate amount of time golfing as opposed to dealing with any of critical matters of state that currently piling up and awaiting some form of response from him.

Some now equate Obama and his golfing habit with Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

Obama & Nero

An Apt Comparison But One Foolish To Make

While this is arguably an apt comparison between the two men, I think it’s foolish to publicly make such a comparison between Obama and Nero.

Do you really think it would be better if he did his job? At least on the golf course the amount of harm he can cause is somewhat limited!

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Cuneum Formate! Porro!

The primaries for the 2010 Congressional Mid-Term Elections are over and included some results within the Republican primaries that many are describing as upsets such as Christine O’Donnell’s primary victory in Delaware. Yet, upsets or not, these are the candidates we, the People have chosen to array against the Liberals in these elections.

The primaries are a proper time for internecine struggle but those times are now past, their issues decided. It is time now for we, the People to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers and sisters in arms and present a united front to America’s enemies. We must move and fight as one if we are to be victorious.

Cuneum Formate! Porro!
Cuneum Formate! Porro!

In the words of many, many centurions of days gone by, “Cuneum Formate! Porro!” These are the ancient commands of the Roman Legion that meant to form a wedge formation and attack the enemy.

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