Facebook Bans Conspiracy

Facebook Bans Conspiracy
Facebook Bans Conspiracy

To most Americans it’s obvious that Facebook’s bans are the conspiracy. They’ve doubled-down on probably illegally silencing certain sorts of speech and certain sorts of speech only, while letting at least as “dangerous” things go by without censure or censorship. Indeed, they developed the habit of actively defending their preferred narrative by banning dissenting or complaining comments and those that made them.

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One Response to “Facebook Bans Conspiracy”

  1. The Portly Politico Says:

    Great little post, jonolan. It often blows my mind how heavy-handed these techno-elite bannings are. "Yeah, let's throw in Farrakhan so people won't think we're just getting rid of conservatives." Please. Even their choice of Farrakhan is telling: whenever I hear about another conservative being deplatformed or demonetized, someone always says, "What about Farrakhan? He's saying hateful things, too!" The censors at Facebook couldn't have missed that point.

    I wrote about this topic back when _InfoWars_ was deplatformed from the major social media networks in what was transparently an example of a coordinated strike between the companies: https://theportlypolitico.wordpress.com/2018/08/07/banned-techno-elites-deplatform-alex-jones/

    I shudder to think what comes next if we don't do something about deplatforming. Free speech is on the brink.

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