Ningunas Vueltas

Ningunas Vueltas – No Returns, or at least that’s what several Mexican border towns are hoping to be able to tell returning Mexican citizens in the wake of the recent Immigration legislation in Arizona. As a result of the Reconquista del Arizona by America, Mexico’s border town are expecting and dreading a massive influx of returning Mexicans.

A delegation of nine Mexican state legislators from Sonora traveled to Tucson, AZ to make the case against Arizona’s new employer sanctions law. These lawmakers say that such a law – that will effectively force Mexican illegal immigrants to return home – will have a devastating affect on the Mexican state. Ningunas Vueltas, por favor!

How can they pass a law like this? There is not one person living in Sonora who does not have a friend or relative working in Arizona

— Leticia Amparano Gamez
Representative for Nogales

The Mexican lawmakers said that Sonora cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools it will face as illegal Mexican workers in Arizona return to their hometowns without jobs or money.

Maybe these Mexican lawmakers need to spend less time trying to enforce their ideas on the sovereign nation of the United States of America and more time on developing their own economy. They definitely need to spend less time and money on training Mexicans in how to infiltrate America’s borders.

Of course in truth the Mexican government doesn’t want their citizens to return to Mexico; they’re worth too much to the Mexican economy while their in the US. In 2006 alone Mexicans – combined legal and illegal – living in the United States sent 23.1 billion US dollars back home to Mexico. This places remittances from America third after oil and maquiladora exports as a foreign-exchange generator for Mexico!

It’s quite clear that the Mexican government has something to be gained from illegal migration and has, since the 1980s, promoted the idea of dual nationalities for those who are willing to sneak themselves across the American border.

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