After #Wirecall Failed

After #wirecall failed utterly and Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker defeated the unions’ recall attempts by a larger margin than he won his original election race, the unions have been left shocked and reeling.

Wisconsin's AFL-CIO HQ - Figuring Out What To Do Next
Wisconsin’s Union Leadership Figuring Out What’s Next

Be assured though that their leaders and the politicians that they’ve purchased or coerced are right now in their headquarters figuring out what comes next and what harm they can wreak upon the state of Wisconsin.

Zombie Headshot - Kills every times, though I don't know why since neither zombies nor Liberals have functioning brainsI’d imagine that it’s going to get messy in the Badger State. I’d also imagine that the unions will fall back upon their historically proven methods of dealing with those who don’t toe the line like they were told to do – punitive violence against both persons and property.

It just may, in the near future, look like a new Zombie Apocalypse in Wisconsin.

Fortunately for everyone of good character, Americans have been very well-taught by Hollywood and the Internet how to deal with ghouls and zombies. 😉

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7 Responses to “After #Wirecall Failed”

  1. Moe Says:

    I think the most telling statistic out of Wisconsin is how many union members and other Dems vvoted against recalling Walker. Their stated reason was disapproval of using the recall mechanism for anything other than malfeasance. That not liking someone’s policies is no reason for a recall and bad for democracy. Wow.

    Now THAT’S civics in action.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yes, that’s the most telling statistic and the most shocking one as well. I really didn’t think that any misuse of the electoral system would offend the electorate enough to get them out to vote the way the unions’ failed recall attempt did.

  3. Moe Says:

    This one is a serious blow to those unions. Private sector unions have been pretty much over for a long time – this is proably the beginning of the end for public sector unions, htough it could take a generation.

    I think workers still need protection and need advocates – but the union model seems to be wrong for today’s world. Something will replace it I hope.

  4. jonolan Says:

    I would say the problem is the large unions and the meta-unions such as the AFL-CIO and the SEIU. They are just large corporations that produce nothing – as I’ve said before.

    Shocking as might be to read me say it, I don’t think that it’s a good idea to utterly destroy organized labor. I think that breaking them up, much like we prefer to break up other large corporations, is the path to success.

  5. Moe Says:

    That may be what needs to happen. Things do outlive their usefulness.

  6. Alan Scott Says:

    We are all trapped in our frame of reference. But we sure can see others outside our frame who can’t see the forest for the trees. I laughed so hard when Mr. Ed went on and on how the polls showed many union members voting for Walker. The poor idiot was beside himself. The answer is so obvious to everyone in the Universe except this horse’s ass.

  7. jonolan Says:


    In the case of unions it’s not that they outlived their usefulness, though they have. It’s that they degenerated into PACs and organized quasi-criminal organizations.


    I don’t actually think that it’s that obvious. There were numerous inputs into the results of that recall attempt, many of them less than immediately obvious.

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