They Are Corporations

Big LaborLeftists such the Liberals and Progressives often whine, bleat, and/or rant about how the corporations are destroying America and how the labor unions are the heroes of the people.

These Leftists, however, either conveniently forget or willfully ignore the very simple fact that politically, legally, and pragmatically labor unions are corporations as well.

Worse in many ways, labor unions are de facto privately held corporations which allows them to circumvent many regulations and form of oversight that burden and control corporations that are publicly traded.

The only significant current difference between a labor union and what are normally thought of as corporations is that labor unions are often legally allowed to compel individuals to purchase their services, i.e., join the union and pay dues to it.

This is a current difference subject to change. In the event that the SCOTUS finds ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate constitutional, the precedence will be set for other compulsory purchases.

Labor Unions even have huge “holding companies,” each with a plethora of business units and wholly owned subsidiaries; the AFL-CIO, UAW, SEIU, and the USW are examples of such.

And yes, all the same laws regarding “hard money” and “soft money” political contributions, Issue Advocacy Ads, and Bundling apply exactly the same to both labor unions and what are normally thought of as corporations. The sole difference being that labor unions can compel their clients, the workers, to contribute to such.

In essence, Americans can agree with the Liberals and Progressives when they say that corporations are destroying America. We just disagree with them on which corporations are doing so.

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8 Responses to “They Are Corporations”

  1. milton q Says:

    oh. boy. corporations have record profits, yet worker wages have declined. just say you want slave labor. and by the way, workers have a CHOICE as to whether they want to join a union or not. whereas corporations get ship jobs to china and india… but corporations are good, right?

  2. jonolan Says:

    No, traitor, workers don’t normally have a choice about joining a union – except the choice to move elsewhere to find work or change fields of employment.

    In those places where they were finally given a choice, however, they almost universally chose to NOT join the unions.

  3. milton q Says:

    so multinational corporations do no harm? dare you answer that? how you conveniently ignore facts!

  4. jonolan Says:

    I’m not a Liberal; therefore I don’t ignore facts. Keep twisting and stretching though, vermin. It’s a bit amusing to watch, though your – admittedly not unexpected – inability to comprehend punctuation and grammar is a bit painful.

    But, to what I’ll generously decide passes as your point –

    Of course transnational corporations, as they’re more often called, cause harm. They also do a lot of good. Both the harm and the weal are directly proportional to their size – as is true of all entities.

    You won’t understand that though. Your sort aren’t capable of such simple pieces of reason, being too caught up in demanding other people’s money to support your worthless to society existences.

  5. milton q Says:


  6. milton q Says:


    unions benefit the entire working class. and nobody is forced to work for unions. that’s completely false. people LOVE their union benefits. why do you think tyhey are protesting. god forbid the average janitor, teacher, pipe fitter, steel fabricator enjoy any benefits at all. they should all be subject to corporate greed. unions exist to protect the average worker from blood sucking large corporations that would exploit people to the fullest. why do you think the cost of everything is going up and yet jobs have been shipped to china and india where the pay is, oh, say $2.00 per day? shouldn’t cost at least stay the same? no? because the corporations you love so much are greedy blood suckers!

  7. jonolan Says:

    You’re either an idiot or a liar – or an idiotic liar, which is my thought.

    If there’s a union covering a job, a worker is required to join the union to get employed at that job. That’s fact unlike the suppositions and ranting nonsense that you’re spewing.

    Now go back to your bong or crack pipe and leave Americans alone. You add nothing to the discussion or to society and are no longer welcome here.

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