AOC Just A Glass Of Water

AOC Just A Glass Of Water With A D On It
AOC Is Just A Glass Of Water With A “D” On It

Oooh! Granny Shart aka Nancy Pelosi turn upon and snapped at Baby Shart aka Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Apparently, Crazy Ole Nancy is quite ready to pass the torch to the New Left. 😆

“When we won this election, it wasn’t in districts like mine or Alexandria’s,” Pelosi said. “[S]he’s a wonderful member of Congress as I think all of our colleagues will attest. But those are districts that are solidly Democratic.”

To drive the point home she picked up a water glass next to her and said: “This glass of water would win with a ‘D’ next to its name in those districts.”

Nancy Pelosi

Yep! A glass of water with a “D” next to its name. That how Nancy specifically referred to AOC and her victory in NY’s 14th District. Fucking Ouch! That’s cold.

Pelosi’s declamation was also both fanatically partisan and inaccurate. She utterly ignores the nature of the primary election and electorate that placed AOC in that Seat. Maybe she should have spoken to defeated incumbent Joseph Crowley, a White Man with 20 years of experience in office who lost his Seat primarily or largely because he was a White Man running this time against a Hispanic Woman in a district which became 49.80% Hispanic and only 18.41% White over recent-ish years.

More Than A D
It Take More Than A “D” Now

Face it, Folks, when even CNN acknowledges this sort of thing – though they’re careful to make it seem something not too distant from a positive – this is more than likely a real issue.

And Nancy might just want to think about that…

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April Snow Showers?

I get the idea of April showers…but snow showers? Really, Mother Nature? I thought you were supposed be having hot flashes from Global Warming.

Lucy Purr
It’s Fucking Cold & Windy But Not Unbearable 😉

That’s right! It’s the middle of April but last night the Sping weather made an exit in the Tristate region. Snow moved back in late last night. Heavy, wet snow was reported from the Hudson Valley, northern New Jersey and New York City and temperatures are expected to remain unseasonable cold through the week.

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A Union Victory!

Big LaborLiberals, Progressives, and the bosses and enforcers of the organized crime syndicates known as labor unions often bemoan and wail about how they seldom achieve victories anymore.

But what would a union victory look like this more austere day and age?

The evidence indicates that it would look like defeat but with wider spread casualties.

The city of New York, faced with ever-increasing and unsustainable costs from its school busing program, made the decision to end its policy of no-bid contracts for school busing and to move to a more normative and open low-bid contract model. This instantly prompted the Amalgamated Transit Union, a cell of the AFL/CIO, to call a strike that crippled NYC’s school busing program for five weeks before the union finally suspended it on Wednesday, February 20, 2013.

More than 100,000 NYC students, including large numbers of special-needs children, were negatively impacted by the union’s strike, the first in the city since 1979.

The Result? The Victory?

When approximately 100 of the bus matrons reported for wJoseph Fazziaork at their Red Hook bus depot around 5:00 AM,  they were informed that they no longer had jobs. Their employer, Canal Escorts, Inc. had folded and gone out of business due to their strike causing  Canal Escorts, Inc. to be unable to meet its contractual requirements with the Department of Education during the month-long strike.

I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’m not losing another nickel more. This union thinks they can tell me what to do – they can go fuck themselves!

— Joseph Fazzia
President, Canal Escorts, Inc. (Defunct)

That was the result that Amalgamated Transit Union achieved. That was their victory. They went on strike against NYC’s upcoming shift to open, low-bid contracts and destroyed one – so far – of the private-sector employers that provided wages and benefits to their own constituency.

In some other plane the shade of King Pyrrhus of Epirus is shaking his head in dismay at their ignorance. Still, a few more victories like this and they will be undone, so there’s an upside to this situation.

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One American County

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

Gun-Silhouette-psd9682Much to my happy surprise, in defiance of all logic and rational expectation, there is one county in New York, Putnam County, whose political leadership is made up of men and women who understand and actually love America and our beloved and holy Constitution.

They have taken the patriotic stance of defying a request to disclose the names and addresses of residents with pistol permits to the enemy propaganda outlet, The Journal News.

CBS News/AP — (CARMEL, N.Y. ) Officials in Putnam County say they will reject a newspaper’s request to release the names and addresses of residents with pistol permits — a move an open government advocate calls illegal.

All Americans, whether residents of the state of New York or not, should give these fine patriots their full and unconditional support. The gun-grabbers will attack them and the leadership of Putnam County will need material aid and comfort from the American people in their struggle. They cannot be expected to defend the Americans within their borders without our aid and comfort.

The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of it’s enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it… No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law, and no courts are bound to enforce it.

16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177, late 2d, Sec 256

As a parting salvo I will remind each and every American that: Warfare trumps Lawfare; Attorneys who take cases against Americans’ rights are valid targets; and that neither legal briefs nor judge’s robes will stop a well-aimed bullet.

We are at war. Start acting like it!

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Abortion Has Value

Gina M. D’Andrea Weatherup Gina M. D’Andrea Weatherup of Stony Brook, NY, the Community Affairs and Advocacy Manager for Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic firmly believes that abortion is an intrinsically good thing as opposed to even thinking of it as a lesser of possible evils.

By her own pride-filled admission she’s not even limiting this, as many do, to cases of rape or endangerment to life of the mother.

No; this infanticidal monster is talking about abortion on demand for the sake of women’s convenience being a good thing, a moral choice!

Abortion has value. It is not just the lesser of two evils, but abortion can be a good, moral decision, in and of itself. And I am not talking about cases of rape or life endangerment. I’m talking about everyday women – you, maybe, or your mom, friend, sister, wife, girlfriend, roommate – who simply know that they do not want to be pregnant, and do not want to parent this child, at this time.

The one in three women in America who decide that abortion is right for them deserve to be recognized as people, as full moral agents, and not to be treated like children to need to be taught right from wrong. Women deserve easy access to high-quality, affordable abortion care, without waiting periods, and without biased counseling.

Until abortion is recognized as having value in and of itself, we’re going to continue to battle the Mike Pences, Chris Smiths, and Scott Roeders of the world.

— Gina M. D’Andrea Weatherup

There is one portion of this creature’s drivel that can actually agree with, that the women seeking abortions should not be treated like children who need to be taught Right from Wrong. They are, in fact, full moral agents, are fully culpable for their choices and actions, should be recognized as such by Americans, and deserve to reap the full consequences of those choices and actions.

Gina D’Andrea Weatherup Thinks This Is a Good, Moral Choice

I firmly believe and advocate that, while creatures like this Gina M. D’Andrea Weatherup are allowed to walk free among people of America and promulgate this infanticidal ideology that killing unborn babies is a good thing, our nation needs more people like Mike Pence, Chris Smith, and Scott Roeder. It especially needs more heroic martyrs such as Mr. Roeder who sacrificed himself in order save countless babies from Late-Term Abortion aka Partial-Birth Abortion.

Don’t get me wrong; I have some pity for the girls and women who have either chosen or been coerced by Planned Parenthood’s “Counselors” into choosing to abort their children as a horrible, but still lesser, evil. I don’t even have a strong hatred for Planned Parenthood as a whole; the bulk of their services being necessary gynecological care for poor women.

Things like this Gina M. D’Andrea Weatherup, however, do not deserve pity, compassion, or mercy from anyone and should not be considered just as valid targets, but as primary targets in Americans’ battle for the unborn.


I can’t help wonder if, while in their nice, shady backyard watching their cute little daughter play, Gina and her husband, Chris – I’m assuming that they’re married since she appended his surname to her own – discuss when to have that talk with her. You know, the one about “the birds and the bees, and the D & C’s.” 😉

I also wonder if they’ve preformulated an answer in case their daughter ever asks, “How many of my brothers or sisters did you kill, mommy?”


But she is, in a twisted sort of way, right. Abortion has value. Gina and Chris’ house looks like it probably cost around 500K and abortion and her depraved manner of advocating for it helped pay for it.

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