April Snow Showers?

I get the idea of April showers…but snow showers? Really, Mother Nature? I thought you were supposed be having hot flashes from Global Warming.

Lucy Purr
It’s Fucking Cold & Windy But Not Unbearable 😉

That’s right! It’s the middle of April but last night the Sping weather made an exit in the Tristate region. Snow moved back in late last night. Heavy, wet snow was reported from the Hudson Valley, northern New Jersey and New York City and temperatures are expected to remain unseasonable cold through the week.

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A Closing Non-Argument

Race Card The trail of the baby killer Kermit Gosnell has gone to the jury for deliberation on the seven counts of First Degree Murder of infants, a count of the Third Degree Murder of Karnamaya Mongar, and sundry other, lesser crimes.

The jury may take a while to reach a verdict because the murders of those seven babies carry the possibility of the death sentence for Gosnell and most juries will deliberate quite long before rendering a verdict that can lead to the extermination of a felon. Most likely though, the matter is not strongly in doubt.

It’s certainly the case that Gosnell’s flamboyant defense attorney, Jack McMahon closed his case with a closing non-argument that proved that he had no argument in defense of his client.

“Dr. Gosnell is not the only one doing abortions in Philadelphia,” McMahon said, “but he was an African American singled out for prosecution.”

“We know why he was targeted,” he said. “If you can’t see that reality, you’re living in some sort of la-la land.”

It is a simple and incontrovertible fact that each and every time, without fail or exception, that anyone plays the race card in defense of some minority’s actions or lack of actions it is the case that they have no argument of facts, substance, or worth to present in that defense. Hence. McMahon’s closing argument is laughable at best.

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Disarm Their Minds!

America is now deep in dire straits with her future growing more and more uncertain. The Liberals and Progressives, realizing the difficulties in disarming the current generation of the American people, are switching their tactics away from adults and firearms and to assaulting Americans’ children in an attempt to disarm their minds.

Maryland educators are launching an assault on normal childhood behavior. In Talbot County, Maryland, two boys aged 6 were recently suspended for pretending their fingers were guns while playing cops and robbers during recess. This comes just after another 6-year-old at a Montgomery County school was suspended for the same thing. These suspensions were later reversed, but why are they happening in the first place? They seem to be part of a larger effort to condition our kids to reject guns and the Second Amendment.

Similar atrocities have also recently been committed upon our children by America’s domestic enemies in Pennsylvania and South Carolina as part of the Leftists’ push to indoctrinate American children to reject the Constitution.

It be easy to write these abominations off as reactionary behaviors in response to the MSM’s sensationalizing various shooting across the country, but the rot goes much deeper than that. Moral necrosis set into the educational system decades ago when Americans were ignorant and/or foolish enough to allow Liberals and Progressives access to it and participation within it.

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

— Vladimir Lenin

Now, with Obama’s long-time friend, mentor, fellow traveller, and co-conspirator, the terrorist, Bill Ayers openly calling for the Leftist filth to commit psychological rape of Americans’ children through their “‘Absolute Access’ to America’s Classrooms,” it should be obvious to each and every American that is part of a concerted, if uncoordinated, push to poison the minds of America’s next generation.

Worse, these depraved and degenerate filth are no longer content with softly and subtly indoctrinating American children into their anti-American, anti-Constitutional cult. Now they’ve moved on to the much more damaging and aggressive use of aversion therapy techniques to achieve their goals. This conditioning is intended to cause the children to associate the Second Amendment with personal pain and suffering, thereby rewiring their brain pathways to be anti-firearm and anti-Constitution.

So answer for me these two questions:

  1. As this is deliberately induced psychological damage and all hold that the real damage from rape is psychological, not physical, how are these filth in any substantive way different from any other baby rapers?
  2. Have we as a nation grown so uncaring of our children that we will be complicit in their rapes?

America is now deep in dire straits with her future, our children,  growing more and more uncertain and more under threat. With the law and all legal systems corrupted and uncertain, it devolves to we, the People to exact justice and enact retribution upon these filth…which may be why they’re focusing on the 2nd Amendment as it enumerates that right which allows us to do so.

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Liberal “Anti”-Racism

Margo Davidson - Jabbering about Murdering WhiteyLiberal “Anti”-racism is a amazing thing, not in it’s value but in it’s inherent prejudice and bias and it’s foundation of lowered expectations of- and requirement from Blacks. Liberal views on racial relations and “equality” can be summed as the strident call to lower the bar – any bar, even basic civility – for any and all non-White people while simultaneous holding Whites to ever-shifting but always unreachable standards.

Daryl MetcalfeA current example of this particular Liberal failing is their and the MSM pundits’ total silence on the matter of Pennsylvania State Representative Margo Davidson’s (D-164) tacit threat to gun down fellow Pennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) while debating an expansion of PA’s Castle Doctrine, a law allowing lethal self-defense to be used by an armed citizen who feels threatened.

If the gentleman from Butler County stood yelling, knowing that he’s a gun-toter, and I felt threatened, would I be protected under court law if I blew his brains out?

That’s what passes for anti-racism in Liberal and Progressive circles. A Black female asking such a question about a White Man in a public forum, a Legislative forum in point of fact, is not something to commented upon. Yet, can we imagine what would have been the hew and cry from the left and their jabbering Black political sharecroppers if the races had been reversed?

This is also likely an example of Liberal anti-Sexism as well, given that Davidson’s female and Metcalfe is a man. Female bad behavior is normally excused by the Left, especially when directed and Men and/or boys, but the Feminists would have a hysteria-laden field day if it’d been Metcalfe who asked that “question” in reference to a woman.

But that’s thing about the so called anti-racism and anti-sexism measures demanded by America’s domestic enemies. They’re all based up maintaining different standards for different groups and basing those standards upon race and gender as applicable. Indeed, any attempt by Americans to apply a single standard for anything is decried by the left and their minority tenants as being racist and the most common argument that they use is that doing so “disproportionately affects” one or more of their “protected” groups.

Think about that for a moment. It seems to me that either those “protected” groups are incapable of adhering to normal standards and, hence, are undeserving of any sort of protection or the Liberals perceive them to be so. If the latter is true, isn’t that the worst form of racism or sexism?

NOTE: Personally, I have no problems with Davidson’s question. Sometimes hyperbole and shocking statements or questions are necessary to wake people up and get them thinking about the possible ramifications of a proposed or planned course of action. I have a problem solely with the double-standard and the metrics used to form it that the Liberals have concerning such things.

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An Educated Decision

Obama Uncle ShamThe Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare was touted as being the one and only means of getting more people access to health insurance. Reality has, as is most often the case when hucksters jabber, greatly differed from their lofty claims.

All across America companies are cutting staff or cutting their staff’s hours to avoid the financial ruin that ObamaCare will cause them.

This is apparently an educated decision on the part of employers since, presumably to the Obama Regime’s chagrin, colleges have started doing the same thing.

Effective Dec. 31, Community College of Allegheny County will cut course loads and hours for some 200 adjunct faculty members and 200 additional employees to avoid paying $6 million in Affordable Care Act-related fees in January 2014.

College President Alex Johnson announced the plan in an e-mail to faculty and staff members last week. “As you probably know, the Affordable Care Act has redefined full-time employees as those working 30 hours or more per week,” Johnson wrote. “As a result, the college must adjust hours of some temporary part-time employees and adjuncts to comply with the new legislation’s conception of part-time employment.”

So the net effect of the federal government’s unconstitutional and unwarranted seizure of the health insurance industry has not been to ensure that more Americans have employee-provided access to health insurance. It’s had, instead, the effect of Americans losing their jobs or having their hours cut, and still not having any better or greater access to health insurance – unless expanding Medicaid was the plan all along.

And remember, one and all, that the PPACA was the signature achievement of Obama during his first term in the White House and one much lauded by the Liberals and Progressives.


It’s an adage that a fool and his money are soon parted. It is a fact that the 2nd Amendment means that a fool and my money, as well as his life, may be equally soon parted.

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