An Educated Decision

Obama Uncle ShamThe Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare was touted as being the one and only means of getting more people access to health insurance. Reality has, as is most often the case when hucksters jabber, greatly differed from their lofty claims.

All across America companies are cutting staff or cutting their staff’s hours to avoid the financial ruin that ObamaCare will cause them.

This is apparently an educated decision on the part of employers since, presumably to the Obama Regime’s chagrin, colleges have started doing the same thing.

Effective Dec. 31, Community College of Allegheny County will cut course loads and hours for some 200 adjunct faculty members and 200 additional employees to avoid paying $6 million in Affordable Care Act-related fees in January 2014.

College President Alex Johnson announced the plan in an e-mail to faculty and staff members last week. “As you probably know, the Affordable Care Act has redefined full-time employees as those working 30 hours or more per week,” Johnson wrote. “As a result, the college must adjust hours of some temporary part-time employees and adjuncts to comply with the new legislation’s conception of part-time employment.”

So the net effect of the federal government’s unconstitutional and unwarranted seizure of the health insurance industry has not been to ensure that more Americans have employee-provided access to health insurance. It’s had, instead, the effect of Americans losing their jobs or having their hours cut, and still not having any better or greater access to health insurance – unless expanding Medicaid was the plan all along.

And remember, one and all, that the PPACA was the signature achievement of Obama during his first term in the White House and one much lauded by the Liberals and Progressives.


It’s an adage that a fool and his money are soon parted. It is a fact that the 2nd Amendment means that a fool and my money, as well as his life, may be equally soon parted.

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