Open Season On Vermin

Hunters like myself have recurring issues with the Eco-fascists, animal rights activists, and the various worthless fools who, when they see a dear, see Bambi instead of venison.

OK, I can force myself to be accommodating sometimes. Let’s compromise and save deer by declaring open season on vermin – the two-legged kind.

Save a Deer. Hunt a Pedophile
Save a Deer. Hunt a Pedophile

I could get behind that idea 100% as I’d much rather exterminate pedophiles than harvest deer. Doing so is not only more sport, but provides a greater public service than thinning the deer herds.

And for the bleeding-heart Liberals who will read this and bemoan “vigilante justice” – This is America; vigilantism is not possible in this country because we, the People are the law. The police, prosecutors, and judges are nothing more than people we hire to enforce it for us.

If any of these police, prosecutors, and judges took exception to Americans hunting down and exterminating pedophiles, we the People would be within our God(s)-given rights to declare each and everyone of them accessories after the fact and kill them as well.

I think you’ll find though that most of them would be hunting alongside of the rest of and would take as dim a view of any Liberals’ “interfering with the prosecution” as I would. 😉

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7 Responses to “Open Season On Vermin”

  1. Alex Says:

    The danger of vigilantism is that the police are people who are selected to be capable of and trained to abiding the law. Not every citizen can be trusted with this. I agree pedophiles are despicable, but they are doing illegal activities and I do believe the justice system is the right way for them to be punished.

    And about the seeing deer als venison or bambi. If there is too much animals, hunting is good. If there are too little, hunting is not sensible. And for that reason it’s good that the department of wildlife controls hunting.

    In both fields, hunting animals or hunting despicable people, vigilantism might cause emotional acts instead of sensible acts, and gov’t departments are the only way to control this danger.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Does the “justice” system exterminate them? No! They’re eventually returned to the streets to rape more children.

    It’s obviously up to the American people to protect their children. The best way to do that is to hunt down and exterminate the pedophiles until the law learns that it’d be better for them to do it than for we. the People to do so.

    Fuck trials and giving these vermin a chance to get attorneys who are so lacking in ethics that they’d defend and pedophile.

    The gods know I’ll never let the law handle it and don’t allow pedophiles to live in my neighborhood. That’s what the registry is for, after all – to let Americans target these vermin and to either drive them away or kill them.

  3. Alan Scott Says:

    Jonolan ,

    Is this open season or must you tag them ? Maybe bonus tags are in order . Poachers will not be prosecuted .

  4. jonolan Says:

    You don’t tag vermin, Alan. You just exterminate them.

  5. CHop Says:

    I agree. I love that fucking decal on your truck. Better yet, don’t give pedobears instant mercy. I say tie them up to the back of a truck and fag drag em all the way across the border. Then kick and stomp the living shit out of them. After that, cut at their genitals slowly and then let the blood spray over their faces. Shove their own members down their throats and curb stomp them. Treat em like the dirty slime infested cattle they are, just don’t eat the meat. This is how much I hate people who take satisfaction in harming little ones. Children are innocent and helpless, let’s step up and defend those who are weak. Let’s annihilate these pedobear monsters of society.

  6. jonolan Says:

    Well said, CHop.

    It’s far past time for the People to stop tolerating both these vermin and those who aid and abet them by failing to exterminate them.

  7. CHop Says:

    I’m just glad bloggers like you stand up for what is right. I have no fear in vocalizing and publicly displaying my affections of hate and rage towards pedobears. I have children of my own. Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned. I say let there be a mass genocide of pedophiles and supporters of their so called life style. They are exactly that, VERMIN. When a rise of the people comes to pass, let the pedophiles blood run in the rivers, but don’t leave the corrupt politicians last.

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