It’s A Package Deal

When you buy union you buy the whole package deal
Buy Union – It’s A Package Deal

Whenever you buy union you buy all of what the “union provides.” Whenever you buy union you lend material aid and comfort to the union and to those individuals, groups, and agendas they support.

Before you buy union consider what else your buying for yourself and your people as part of that package deal.

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A Union Victory!

Big LaborLiberals, Progressives, and the bosses and enforcers of the organized crime syndicates known as labor unions often bemoan and wail about how they seldom achieve victories anymore.

But what would a union victory look like this more austere day and age?

The evidence indicates that it would look like defeat but with wider spread casualties.

The city of New York, faced with ever-increasing and unsustainable costs from its school busing program, made the decision to end its policy of no-bid contracts for school busing and to move to a more normative and open low-bid contract model. This instantly prompted the Amalgamated Transit Union, a cell of the AFL/CIO, to call a strike that crippled NYC’s school busing program for five weeks before the union finally suspended it on Wednesday, February 20, 2013.

More than 100,000 NYC students, including large numbers of special-needs children, were negatively impacted by the union’s strike, the first in the city since 1979.

The Result? The Victory?

When approximately 100 of the bus matrons reported for wJoseph Fazziaork at their Red Hook bus depot around 5:00 AM,  they were informed that they no longer had jobs. Their employer, Canal Escorts, Inc. had folded and gone out of business due to their strike causing  Canal Escorts, Inc. to be unable to meet its contractual requirements with the Department of Education during the month-long strike.

I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’m not losing another nickel more. This union thinks they can tell me what to do – they can go fuck themselves!

— Joseph Fazzia
President, Canal Escorts, Inc. (Defunct)

That was the result that Amalgamated Transit Union achieved. That was their victory. They went on strike against NYC’s upcoming shift to open, low-bid contracts and destroyed one – so far – of the private-sector employers that provided wages and benefits to their own constituency.

In some other plane the shade of King Pyrrhus of Epirus is shaking his head in dismay at their ignorance. Still, a few more victories like this and they will be undone, so there’s an upside to this situation.

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Keeping Perspective

Keeping perspective when one is comparing evils is important. This is especially true when one is comparing dangerous cults.

Scientology v. Islam
There’s Crazy An Then There’s Mad Dog Insane

Yes, Scientology and Islam are both dangerous cults and are both little more than organized crime organizations. But equating the evils of Scientology and Islam is like equating the Mafia with the drug cartels in Mexico or the khat-fueled savages in Somalia.

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Nothing To See Here

On Wednesday, January 11, 2012 Felipe Calderón’s failed government released the updated death tolls from Mexico’s ongoing drug war. The Mexican “government” reported that 47,515 people have been killed in drug-related violence between late 2006 and September 2011, with 12,903 killings having occurred in the first 9 nine months of 2011 – an 11% increase over the same 9 month period in 2010.

Those 12,903 killings equate to approximately one drug killing every 30 minutes of every day for the first 9 months of last year.

Mexican Drug Cartel Killing
30 Minutes Work For The Zetas Cartel

Most of Mexico’s drug war killings haven place in just eight of Mexico’s 31 states, five of those ones that share a border with the United States. Yet, as long as those deaths are Mexicans and the happen south of the border, Americans won’t care and America will fear to do anything about the chaos and hell raging across the failed state to our south.

Nothing to see here. Move along! We wouldn’t want to upset anyone or force them from their comfort zone.

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Organized Crime

In these difficult times it’s not especially surprising that some youth are looking towards a life of crime instead of a job on the right side of the law. It’s up to their parents to guide them in the proper direction.

Organized Crime
Organized Crime? Which Sort, Son?

Admittedly, given the current circumstances, this can be a difficult prospect, but the shame of having a child become part of the government should outweigh the problems a parent might face convincing them to take a more honorable and ethical career path such as being a crack dealer, enforcer, or bagman 😆

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