We’re Halfway Home

BallotWe’re halfway home. Specifically we’re 50.4% through the process to abolish the Electoral College and elect our Presidents directly through the popular vote of we, the People. This is because Gov. Lincoln Chafee (D-RI) signed a bill into law that committed Rhode Island to the National Popular Vote interstate compact.

This is a very important milestone.

So far 10 states – VT, MD, WA, IL, NJ, DC, MA, CA, HI, and RI – have joined the compact. They control between them 136 electoral votes. We still need a combination of states controlling 134 electoral to join the compact before we can remove the Electoral College from existence and place the electorate in charge of choosing a President.

We’re halfway home but the half remaining and the expected lawfare from Congress is going to make it long and bloody slog. It’s worth it though, no matter what it costs in blood, sweat, and tears, because it will force presidential candidates to concern themselves with all the People, not just a select few.

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