Waiting For Outrage?

Are there any Americans left who are still waiting for outrage from the Liberals and Progressives over anything that Obama does or fails to do? If so, may I ask you what color the sky is in your world and where you get your medication?

Liberals and Progressives have no only failed to be outraged over Fast and Furious but have consistently defended Obama and his boy, Holder. This is a 180 degree turnabout from their position on the Gunwalker program, which was the Bush administrations better conceived and much better run bust still ultimately failed program that Obama’s Fast and Furious was a poor mockery of.

Still waiting for outrage from liberals over Fast and Furious?
No Liberal Outrage Over Fast and Furious

The Liberals and Progressives certainly have never shown any real outrage over the Obama Regimes reliance upon aerial drone strikes and other means of state-sanctioned murder – mass murder in some cases – to prosecute the War against Islamic Terrorism, even though these are escalations of policies that, under President Bush, they screamed, and screamed, and screamed about.

The Liberals and Progressives didn’t even flinch when Obama took it to the next step and committed various direct acts of war against sovereign nation, some of them supposedly our allies. This after for years calling President Bush a war criminal and ranting about his supposed illegal wars of aggression.

Yes we can murder whoever we want, wherever we want, whenever we want
No Liberal Outrage Over Drones Or State-Sanctioned Murders

And Benghazi? The Liberals and Progressives never even spoke of it. They heard all they need to know when Obama blamed a video for the attack and apologized to the Muslim World for Americans angering them so much that they had to murder our people. Anything to do with the Obama Regime’s murderous failures, shifting lies, and resultant desperate cover-ups they didn’t even hear. The only outrage they felt was over Americans wanting straight answers.

Liberals response to Obama's Benghazi lies and cover up
No Liberal Outrage Over Benghazi

Americans just need to wake up and smell the bitter effluence of reality. Liberals and Progressives don’t care and won’t show any outrage over the actions and/or inactions of a Democrat politician, most especially one who chose to be Black such as Obama.

Face it, the boy could get caught red-handed and wet-dicked raping his daughters Malia and Sasha and the Liberals and Progressives wouldn’t complain o’ermuch.

They’d spend their efforts saying it wasn’t “rape rape,” trying to find a way to blame the GOP, and claiming that Americans’ outrage over this hypothetical event was racist and culturally insensitive.

That they chose to reelect Obama even after he had continued or expanded so many policies and programs started under President Bush Jr., who happens to be Republican and White, that they ranted, screamed, and caterwauled about proves this point.

So, if you’re waiting for any form of outrage from the Liberals and Progressives to be aimed at Obama, you’re in for a long, long wait. Hellfire! Even if Obama did the Clinton Shuffle and moved towards the Right – the one thing that would normally invalidate his Blackness and eliminate the Left’s support – the modern crop of Liberals and Progressives would just blame it on the GOP somehow.

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Selective Progress

I would say that the hypocrisy of the Liberals and Progressives knows no bounds but I’m not sure if it’s honest hypocrisy or a deliberate double-standard that they use in the war against America.

In either case, they love to make snide remarks about the “ignorant Americans,” And say that we refuse all progress and cannot understand or properly use scientific and technological advances. They claim that it is for them to usher in a new age, by force if needed and we poor, dumb Americans need to shut up and stay out of their way while they do it.

Anti-Monsanto Poster
Progress Is Bad – If It Benefits Business

That’s the way of it with America’s domestic enemies, the Liberals and Progressives. They’ll snidely claim that Americans hate progress and can’t handle the rapid increase of technology but, at the same time, will rant about any and every advance that benefits the corporations that our the foundation of America’s wealth.

Of course, like all things involving groups of people in the real world, this isn’t a completely hard and fast rule. The worthless filth of the Left don’t have any problems with corporations or activities that increase their personal comfort. Not one will cry foul over Apple’s use of foreign quasi-slave labor or curtail their drug use due to the violence it causes.

Yeah, they’re in favor of very selective progress, progress that meaningfully benefits nobody but them.

Fortunately, American’s don’t have to pay heeds to these vermin’s rantings or insults.  While we must grant our domestic enemies their right to speak, we don’t have to listen to them, lend credence to any of their claims or even allow them to promulgate their beliefs through our schools systems.


Let me tell you what is coming. After the sacrifice of countless billions of treasure and hundreds of thousands of lives you may win a Liberal State, but I doubt it. Americans are determined to restore this Nation. We are not a fiery, impulsive people as you are, for we live rational lives filled with responsibilities. But when we begin to move in a given direction, we move with the steady momentum and perseverance of a mighty avalanche.

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Nothing To See Here

On Wednesday, January 11, 2012 Felipe Calderón’s failed government released the updated death tolls from Mexico’s ongoing drug war. The Mexican “government” reported that 47,515 people have been killed in drug-related violence between late 2006 and September 2011, with 12,903 killings having occurred in the first 9 nine months of 2011 – an 11% increase over the same 9 month period in 2010.

Those 12,903 killings equate to approximately one drug killing every 30 minutes of every day for the first 9 months of last year.

Mexican Drug Cartel Killing
30 Minutes Work For The Zetas Cartel

Most of Mexico’s drug war killings haven place in just eight of Mexico’s 31 states, five of those ones that share a border with the United States. Yet, as long as those deaths are Mexicans and the happen south of the border, Americans won’t care and America will fear to do anything about the chaos and hell raging across the failed state to our south.

Nothing to see here. Move along! We wouldn’t want to upset anyone or force them from their comfort zone.

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An Unwanted War

What “President” Felipe Calderon tries to pass off as Mexico’s government is a sham and an utter failure. Mexico is a failed state that has devolved into chaos with various parts of it ruled by violently competing drug cartels.

In very many ways Mexico has degenerated into a vile and disgusting morass much like that found in the pseudo-nations of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Yet, unlike Afghanistan and Pakistan, America’s government will not intervene and will do nothing meaningful to ameliorate the situation at all. Unlike Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mexico is not comfortably thousands of miles and an ocean away from America and America’s people.

We’ve seen the brutality, atrocities, and savage criminality that the thugs and their warlords of the cartels incessantly revel in:

But, by and large, America will do nothing about it, even when it spills across our southern border and into our towns and cities.

We’ve seen the ecological damage and pollution that Illegal Immigrants repeatedly cause as they sneak their way into America:

But, aside from trying to clean it up and bemoaning that it happened in the first place, America will do nothing about it.

Mexican troops in full uniform and “battle rattle” have crossed America’s borders under arms hundreds of times in support of the drug cartels and have, in the course of doing so, repeatedly attacked American Border Patrol agents.

Yet America’s federal government will not only do nothing to quell these armed incursions into our sovereign territory, they have striven to take actions that lend material aid and comfort to these foreign enemies and prevent our border states from protecting themselves in even the most basic fashion.

Unless something fundamental in America’s viewpoint and philosophy changes drastically, nothing substantive will be done to address and/or correct any of these horrific problems and the threats they pose to the men, women and children of America.

Beyond Mere Politics

There’s no way any American can deny that politics plays its part in our government’s abject failure to deal with the situation that has arisen in Mexico and regularly spills across the border into America. But, even if we removed the Democrats’ pandering to the Liberals and minorities and the Republicans’ refusal to go against the wishes of the businesses who rely and profit upon illegal immigrant workers, the government will still not doing anything meaningful about the situation.

Restabilizing Mexico and removing the cartels’ influence would require significant levels of armed force and a lengthy occupation of that nation –  in other words, it would require a war and subsequent peace-keeping efforts quite similar to what we fought in Iraq.

Mexico is just too close to the US for any administration to authorize such an action. We share 1,969 miles of contiguous land border – a border that is largely unfortified and difficult to patrol – and it would be impossible to contain the war south of it.

This is made far worse by the fact that the US has already been infiltrated by over 6 million Mexican illegal immigrants at any given time, any or all of whom might take up arms against America’s civilian population if the US authorized the use military force to prop up Mexico’s government.

Add to that sickeningly huge number of enemies already behind what would be our lines the 700,000 – 1,000,000 Black and Latino “gangbangers” who make their living off the drug trade.  They are well-armed, experienced in urban warfare, inured to savagery and violence, and hold a deep and abiding hatred of America in general and for Whites in particular.

No; given all that, no POTUS and no Congress is ever going to do anything about the drug-driven chaos in Mexico no matter how much it spills across our borders. They would never want to be the ones who brought that sort of war to American soil.

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