Believe The Muslims

Muslims and their Dhimmi shills keep claiming that Islam is the religion of peace and that Muslims are, except for a tiny few, nonviolent. They’re pretty adamant about this point…

Behead those who say Islam is violent
Judge Muslims By Their Words

Perhaps it would be wise for Mankind to judge Islam and the Muslims by their own words. Perhaps we should believe the Muslims when they so plainly and earnestly tell us things.

Islamic Peace Talks

After all, Muslims have been telling us this for over a thousand years and they’ve never wavered from their position or assertions. Isn’t it past time that the Civilized World believed the Muslims and acted accordingly with a due dispatch?

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2 Responses to “Believe The Muslims”

  1. hamza Says:

    well .who remembers the HOLY WARS in past? 2 times all christians attack muslims and kill everyone on way. if you dont know you can reseacrh in history.also real muslims dont kill other people women or children.if someone murderer is using Ä°slamic words, the fault doesnt beLong ISLAM. if the church pastor is pedofili ,can we say all people who come to church is pedofili? you get the point?

  2. jonolan Says:

    We all remember what Christendom did centuries ago. We all also know what Muslims do today and those doing it ARE Muslims who are following the tenets of their cult.

    In their own terms these Muslims have done no wrong because the fikh is clear upon these matters and Islam is Islam.

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