Not Phony Scandals

Obama, his coterie and his handlers, the race hustlers, and the pathetic cultists who still drop on their knees before the worthless, misborn boy have been spouting off about “Phony Scandals” in an attempt to shield Obama from Americans’ just reprisals.

Not Phony Scandals - Cause For Reprisal
They Are Not Phony Scandals!

To use the words of the Grifter-in-Chief – let me be clear, they are not phony scandals. Fast and Furious, the Benghazi Massacre, and to a somewhat lesser extent the IRS’ persecution of American non-profit organizations are all real scandals, real atrocities, and real capital crimes against Man, Nation, and Gods that can be laid at the feet of the worthless criminal who, along with his foul brood, are befouling the White House.

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Waiting For Outrage?

Are there any Americans left who are still waiting for outrage from the Liberals and Progressives over anything that Obama does or fails to do? If so, may I ask you what color the sky is in your world and where you get your medication?

Liberals and Progressives have no only failed to be outraged over Fast and Furious but have consistently defended Obama and his boy, Holder. This is a 180 degree turnabout from their position on the Gunwalker program, which was the Bush administrations better conceived and much better run bust still ultimately failed program that Obama’s Fast and Furious was a poor mockery of.

Still waiting for outrage from liberals over Fast and Furious?
No Liberal Outrage Over Fast and Furious

The Liberals and Progressives certainly have never shown any real outrage over the Obama Regimes reliance upon aerial drone strikes and other means of state-sanctioned murder – mass murder in some cases – to prosecute the War against Islamic Terrorism, even though these are escalations of policies that, under President Bush, they screamed, and screamed, and screamed about.

The Liberals and Progressives didn’t even flinch when Obama took it to the next step and committed various direct acts of war against sovereign nation, some of them supposedly our allies. This after for years calling President Bush a war criminal and ranting about his supposed illegal wars of aggression.

Yes we can murder whoever we want, wherever we want, whenever we want
No Liberal Outrage Over Drones Or State-Sanctioned Murders

And Benghazi? The Liberals and Progressives never even spoke of it. They heard all they need to know when Obama blamed a video for the attack and apologized to the Muslim World for Americans angering them so much that they had to murder our people. Anything to do with the Obama Regime’s murderous failures, shifting lies, and resultant desperate cover-ups they didn’t even hear. The only outrage they felt was over Americans wanting straight answers.

Liberals response to Obama's Benghazi lies and cover up
No Liberal Outrage Over Benghazi

Americans just need to wake up and smell the bitter effluence of reality. Liberals and Progressives don’t care and won’t show any outrage over the actions and/or inactions of a Democrat politician, most especially one who chose to be Black such as Obama.

Face it, the boy could get caught red-handed and wet-dicked raping his daughters Malia and Sasha and the Liberals and Progressives wouldn’t complain o’ermuch.

They’d spend their efforts saying it wasn’t “rape rape,” trying to find a way to blame the GOP, and claiming that Americans’ outrage over this hypothetical event was racist and culturally insensitive.

That they chose to reelect Obama even after he had continued or expanded so many policies and programs started under President Bush Jr., who happens to be Republican and White, that they ranted, screamed, and caterwauled about proves this point.

So, if you’re waiting for any form of outrage from the Liberals and Progressives to be aimed at Obama, you’re in for a long, long wait. Hellfire! Even if Obama did the Clinton Shuffle and moved towards the Right – the one thing that would normally invalidate his Blackness and eliminate the Left’s support – the modern crop of Liberals and Progressives would just blame it on the GOP somehow.

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So Much Contempt

Race Card The House Oversight Committee, led by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA),  is expected to file a contempt of Congress lawsuit against Attorney General, Eric Holder today – Monday, August 13, 2012, over his ongoing refusal to provide Congress with the details of Fast and Furious, in which Holder murdered a US law enforcement officer and hundreds of Mexican nationals.

This was the second and more important part of the process, since everyone knew that Holder would never be prosecuted while Obama was still fouling the White House.

The Liberals, Progressives, and the minority tenants have, as had to be expected, instantly played the race card in the hopes that they can convince people that spades are still trump.

There are two things to note about America’s domestic enemies’ predictable reaction: it is, like almost all cries of “racism” the first, last, and only resort of those creatures with no real argument in their favor and; when you distill their cries down to their pure essence, they are nothing but the simple statement that Blacks cannot be held to the same standards as Whites.

And they call Americans racists!?! That’s truly contemptible.

There’s so much contempt in this that it nearly beggars the mind. Congress holds Holder in Contempt; the Leftists and their Black quasi-livestock feel little but contempt for Issa, The House, and Americans in general; and Americans rightly hold Obama, Holder, the Leftists and their Black quasi-livestock in, at best, contempt.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down.

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Show Me Yours!

The hypocrisy of the petty, little piece of filth current befouling the White House knows no bounds. Obama and his proxies are still calling for Mitt Romney to release data about his taxes and his history with Bain Capital, all the while still refusing to release any data about Obama from his birth to the present day.

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours
I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

A response such as above would be the most fitting thing by Romney and his staff, but he and they aren’t likely to do so. They don’t seem to be willing to lower themselves to Obama’s level.

Perhaps this is just a difference in the candidates’ strategies and basic characters. Or, alternatively, it may be because the Romney campaign does want to give Obama the hand-out of false equivalency. After all, nothing that Romney has refused to release caused the murder of both American and Mexican citizens, something that cannot be said for Obama.

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Prosecuting Holder

As anyone with a working brain expected, the worthless filth, Attorney General Eric Holder won’t be prosecuted on charges of Contempt of Congress. This makes perfect sense since the people who would be charged with the prosecution work for Holder and at the pleasure of the Campaigner-in-Chief. They know that they’d be fired and pilloried by the Lamestream Media if they did anything.

Also, they wouldn’t be employed in Obama’s (in)Justice Department if they had any respect for Americans or American law.

Holder Crime Scene
Neither Wrong Nor Crimes In Obamaland

Prosecuting Holder for refusing to abide by the House’s subpoena in the matter of Holder and Obama’s involvement in Fast and Furious is not particularly important, nor was it the aim of the US House of Representatives. The second vote was the one that was important. It was the vote to authorized a civil lawsuit to force Holder to turn over the documents so that impeachment and/or prosecution of the guilty can commence.

Armed Justice Is American Justice Of the People, By the People, For the PeopleWhat’s important is getting to the bottom of the rot in the the various “law enforcement” branches of the Executive and burning it out, not prosecuting Holder for his arrogance and lawless disregard of Congressional oversight.

If Holder is determined to be that much of a problem by we the People and neither Congress nor the Courts can effectively deal with him, we can always apply Citizens Justice to him.

Neither Executive Privilege nor a legion of attorneys paid for with Americans’ taxes will shield Holder from a bullet or a bomb if we reach the sad point where Americans are forced to apply justice themselves due to no longer being able to trust those we hired to do so for us.

For now, let us focus on what is important, not upon prosecuting Holder for Contempt of Congress.

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