Because The Bint’s Black

Congresswoman Jackson Lee (D-TX) is the Congressional Black Caucus’s pick for outgoing Janet Napolitano’s spot as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Prima Facie, this is an odd choice, even for a gaggle jabbering fools like the CBC, since Lee possesses neither reason nor intellect.

Jackson Lee - The Congressional Black Caucus' choice for DHS
The Bint’s Qualifications Are Skin-Deep

But the worthless female does have one overriding qualification. The bint is Black, both in genetic heritage and in vile, destructive, exilic culture. As this is the only qualification that the racist, ghetto bucks of the CBC can see and interpret, that is enough.

I’m sure the subhuman vermin of the CBC believe that they can count on Lee to use that position, if she were to be given it, to further their race-hustling agenda against Americans who are not “of color.” Thankfully, I’m equally sure that Lee is far too stupid and insane to accomplish anything.

Still a stupid, jabbering, crazy-angry Black bitch isn’t fit to wash an American’s laundry or pick their crops, much less be allowed into a position where she believes that she has the privilege of voicing her opinions to her betters.

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