Biden's Border Commitment

Biden's Border Commitment
Biden’s Border Commitment

The amount and nature of Biden’s border commitment can be summed up by Creepy Uncle Joe’s chosen Border Czar, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner, Chris Magnus was very recently forced to resign his position by by US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas. He was given the choice of resigning – which he did after a short bout of defiance – or being terminated for cause.

So, why would the Cuban-American head of DHS, who has always shown a strong bias against White Americans, fire an openly queer official appointed by Biden to manage the influx of illegals across our southern border and into our cities and towns? Simply put, it’s because Magnus was too laser focused – and too openly so – on diversity for its own sake and most of the agenda of the #DefundThePolice insurrectionists and not at all focused on Border Security or any other real part of his job.

As migrant encounters along the southern border continue to set records, frustration is mounting inside the Biden administration with the head of Customs and Border Protection.

Five current administration officials who work with CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus portrayed him as unengaged in his job, saying he often doesn’t attend White House meetings on the situation on the border, badmouths other agencies to colleagues and superiors, and has not built relationships within CBP and across other agencies to address the influx of migrants at the border. They complain he is unfamiliar with some of the operations of CBP and instead is focused primarily on reforming the culture of the Border Patrol, addressing its long list of allegations of racism and violence.

Some of the officials believe Magnus hasn’t prioritized addressing the high number of migrants attempting to cross the border, but instead has continually tried to shift blame to other agencies. As an example, two of the five current administration officials said Magnus brought his boss, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, pages of grievances about Immigration and Customs Enforcement. While CBP is responsible for securing U.S. borders at and between ports of entry, ICE is the agency responsible for arresting and detaining undocumented people within U.S. borders.

— Politico
Biden’s top border chief comes under internal fire

This is a simple case of incompetence being finally dealt with. While it’s patently obvious that Magnus was appointed by Biden to do what he’s been doing to make our southern more porous and meaningless – and, of course, being openly queer secured the appointment – Magnus has utterly failed to do so quietly, without drawing attention to his mandate from the White House.

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Because The Bint’s Black

Congresswoman Jackson Lee (D-TX) is the Congressional Black Caucus’s pick for outgoing Janet Napolitano’s spot as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Prima Facie, this is an odd choice, even for a gaggle jabbering fools like the CBC, since Lee possesses neither reason nor intellect.

Jackson Lee - The Congressional Black Caucus' choice for DHS
The Bint’s Qualifications Are Skin-Deep

But the worthless female does have one overriding qualification. The bint is Black, both in genetic heritage and in vile, destructive, exilic culture. As this is the only qualification that the racist, ghetto bucks of the CBC can see and interpret, that is enough.

I’m sure the subhuman vermin of the CBC believe that they can count on Lee to use that position, if she were to be given it, to further their race-hustling agenda against Americans who are not “of color.” Thankfully, I’m equally sure that Lee is far too stupid and insane to accomplish anything.

Still a stupid, jabbering, crazy-angry Black bitch isn’t fit to wash an American’s laundry or pick their crops, much less be allowed into a position where she believes that she has the privilege of voicing her opinions to her betters.

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