No End, No Victory

As I’ve written before, the will be no real end to the COVID-19 pandemic in the foreseeable future, not while too many sorts can profit from it.

Endemicity Awaits Forlorn And Forgotten

And there’s part of the problem. The only way that the coronavirus “ends” is with, not the virus, but the panicdemic surrounding it, being subsumed into everyday life and disempowered. But the West, especially America, not only has no known or even inferred for how to get there, certain sorts are actively looking to maintain and manage the fear of this disease for their own purposes, not the least of which being simple monetary gain.

Of course, this does mean that COVID QTs will be with us for the foreseeable future, which is something of a saving grace.

COVID QTs aka Corona QTs Will Be With Us For A While

There’s No Plan For “Victory”

To be clear, I in no way mean or believe in the possibility of achieving victory over the coronavirus itself. That, like any “battle” against any virus, is an impossibility. One need only look at rhinoviruses and orthomyxoviruses (cold and flu) to see that.

No, when I say victory in this context, I mean victory over the fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding the disease, its effects, and its spread. And, in the case of COVID-19, we have no plan or even consensus victory conditions in place. We’re just muddling along.

Frankly, the closest America has to a plan is the Dem politicians pushing the fantasy of achieving vaccination-based herd immunity. And that is much more about maintaining divisions between Americans and Democrats than about actually reaching the mythical highpoint of herd immunity through mass vaccinations. The rest is just placebo/palliative measures centered around social distancing, wearing a mask, and periodic lock-downs.

But, at least we men can continue to enjoy the alternative and far better uses for our old businesswear.

Hey! It’s Not Like We’re Ever Going To Need Them For Work

No; We’re Just Prolonging The Plague

And, unlike “victory,” I do mean that we’re literally prolonging and accelerating this disease, as well as prolonging and exacerbating the socio-economic-political damages that are the worst part of COVID-19.

Simply and sadly put, the vaccines the government has essentially forced us to take don’t work and never have, not from the standpoint of starving COVID-19 to death through preventing infection. They’ve, in fact, increased the speed of its mutation and set things up so that a larger percentage of those mutations will be resistant to- and unaffected by these subunit vaccines, which use or mimic specific protein chains from the coronavirus.

What Doesn’t Kill You Mutates And Tries Again
What You Don’t Kill Mutates And Tries Again

This is fairly normal with this sort of virus. A certain number of vaccinated people – an unknown number due to the unavoidable inability to accurately track minor infections – will contract COVID-19 and it will run out its truncated lifespan in their bodies, the whole time exposed to the antigens triggered by the vaccine. And, like all viruses, some of their numbers will mutate to be resistant. It’s just that the nature of coronaviruses and the apparent weakness of the vaccines make this much more likely. It’s also going to get even more likely as the efficacy of the vaccine degrades further.


So, there’s no end to- and no victory over COVID-19 that can be reasonably expected. Someday, perhaps, when societal fatigue reaches a tipping point and herd immunity against the panicdemic is achieved, this will end quietly. But that won’t be until the media and politicians both have nothing to gain from it.

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Got It! Now What?

Got It! Now What?
Got It! Now What?

With incoming President Trump, the House having maintained it GOP majority 247:194, and the Senate being 52:48 weighted towards the Republicans the long chase to repeal the dysfunctional morass that is ObamaCare is over. We won and our Republican Representatives and Senators have taken the first steps towards repealing the ACA. But now what? In the last year Congress has moved beyond a blind call to repeal it to a somewhat more pragmatic drive to repeal and replace the ACA aka ObamaCare with something more in keeping with American culture and ideals, more sustainable moving forward, and less more in touch with the realities on the ground. But what will that look like and have any members of Congress actually put the work in to figure it out?

In some ways and in a very real sense victory is the greatest threat to success and any and all attempts to repeal and replace ObamaCare, especially when simultaneously dealing with the Lamestream Enemedia, are exemplars of this. Now that there is no real reason not to do so, Congress and, to a lesser extent, President Trump are going to actually have to do what they swore to do…and do it in a way that we, the People can support or, at least tolerate…and do it under the scrutiny and in the face of “journalists” who will do anything and say anything to spin such actions in the most negative light possible.

Frankly, I don’t envy them in the slightest. I do, however, hope but am not certain of their having been confident enough in the rebirth, renewal, and restoration of America that they actual believed they’d be in this position and that their calls for repealing – and now replacing – ObamaCare were somewhat more than a mindless chant to gain votes.

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Al Jazeera America Beaten

Aljazeera - Filthy Muslim Propaganda Outlet for the Vermin of Jihadi-Ridden Muslim WorldIn these degenerate it is rare for we, the American people to have a palpable and satisfying victory over our enemies, either foreign or domestic. Too often we fail to achieve victory because we are either tolerant to the point of dangerous complacency or too fearful of putting our lives and/or lifestyles on the line for our country and our culture.

Yet, despite this, we have achieved a palpable and satisfying victory. Al Jazeera America has failed and is closing it’s doors at the end of April because Americans denied them their existence by making it near impossible for them to find cable or satellite networks to carry the channel and then not watching them on those that chose to do so.

We left Al Jazeera Ameria struggling just to get 30,000 prime time viewers a day. When those numbers are compared to Fox News’ 1,866,000 daily prime time viewer or even MSNBC’s 585,000, it’s obvious that Americans beat the Muslim World’s attempt at a propaganda outlet in America to submission and eventual death.

So we, the People, without firing a shot or filing lawsuits in a committed war of lawfare, proved that not even Qatar’s oil money can defeat us. That’s a solid victory, savor it and rejoice in it.

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This Is How You Win

There always seems to be a plethora of questions about how one can win. Indeed, there are whole industries profiteering off of it. The answer is so simple though…

This Is How You Win

That’s the answer. Just as Heather Dorniden did, you get up after you’ve fallen – or have been tripped – and you run faster, try harder. This is how you win, whether it is in sports or life.

What you don’t do is: expect the race to halted and restarted; for any of your competitors to help you up; or to just lay there and blame various and sundry other people, groups, organizations, or whole cultures for your having fallen down in some fashion – even in those rare occurrences when they are to blame for it.

Sadly, this is lesson rarely taught anymore. Instead being a victim is what is taught along with blamecasting whenever one doesn’t achieve success quick enough or at all. Perhaps this is because “winning” requires there to also being losers and that’s “not fair.” Perhaps it’s simply that “validation” of one’s self-image has become more important than being of worth in the first place.

In any event, winning is quite simple. Yet, losing because you’re a victim is so much easier to both do and teach.

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Victory Conditions

The Liberals and Progressives plaguing America, as represented by the Democrat party, have long held that, if at first – or ever – you don’t succeed, it’s not your fault and we need to change the victory conditions. At the same time they hold that, if you did succeed, it wasn’t to your credit and you owe others for your success.

Winners and Losers - Changing the victory conditionsWinners and Losers – Changing The Victory Conditions

So, since 1950 and the concomitant and synergistic rise of the Welfare State and the Civil Rights Movement, they’ve managed to change the losers and winners in society by declaring that the losers are owed success or, at least, government-mandated and government-distributed subsistence at an ever-increasing level – all to be paid for by the “winners” in America.

This has got to change and change swiftly. If it doesn’t, America is doomed. It will fail and drown in the effluvia of the eaters and takers, who have already been allowed to grow to outnumber the makers.

The 2014 midterm elections are fast approaching. We each and all need to do what we can to remove the parasite enablers of the Democrats from office and replace them with lawmakers who will restore some measure of freedom to succeed and enjoy the earned privileges of success to the productive in our nation.

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