Al Jazeera America Beaten

Aljazeera - Filthy Muslim Propaganda Outlet for the Vermin of Jihadi-Ridden Muslim WorldIn these degenerate it is rare for we, the American people to have a palpable and satisfying victory over our enemies, either foreign or domestic. Too often we fail to achieve victory because we are either tolerant to the point of dangerous complacency or too fearful of putting our lives and/or lifestyles on the line for our country and our culture.

Yet, despite this, we have achieved a palpable and satisfying victory. Al Jazeera America has failed and is closing it’s doors at the end of April because Americans denied them their existence by making it near impossible for them to find cable or satellite networks to carry the channel and then not watching them on those that chose to do so.

We left Al Jazeera Ameria struggling just to get 30,000 prime time viewers a day. When those numbers are compared to Fox News’ 1,866,000 daily prime time viewer or even MSNBC’s 585,000, it’s obvious that Americans beat the Muslim World’s attempt at a propaganda outlet in America to submission and eventual death.

So we, the People, without firing a shot or filing lawsuits in a committed war of lawfare, proved that not even Qatar’s oil money can defeat us. That’s a solid victory, savor it and rejoice in it.

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Obama’s High Horse

President Obama spoke about religious extremism during an address at Thursday, February 5th morning’s National Prayer Breakfast. Of course, the misborn, worthless boy took advantage of his audience to draw a false equivalency between Christendom and Islam.

Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.

Frankly, it’s this jackanapes that needs to get off his high horse and quit acting as if he’s been granted the privilege of insulting the majority of Americans religious beliefs and intelligence.

Let’s break down the boy’s stupidity and perfidy:

History vs. News

There’s a world of difference between what happened hundreds of years ago and what is happening now. It’s worthless as other than pro-Muslim pseudo-apologetics for Obama to equate what was history to what is news and current events.

Crusades “Atrocities”

Let’s start with the fact that the accepted date range for the Crusades is 1095 AD – 1291 AD. During that time what was considered normal behavior in war is, by and large, considered an atrocity today. Hence, describing what happened during those 196 years on sporadic warfare as atrocities is to ignore than cultural mores of the times.

The Inquisition(s)

During the approximately 600 years in which the various Inquisitions took place, some 150,000 were put on trial and some 3000 of those were executed. The various Islamist groups exceed that death toll in any given month. No rationale person without a specific agenda can draw an equivalency between these two things.

Slavery and Jim Crow

Here, at least, Obama had just enough sense to allude to am equivalency through the use of softer language rather than to draw the equivalency overtly. That showed some wisdom sense Christianity was never truly used by any but a few to justify either slaver or Jim Crow laws. What was done was citing biblical references as a defense against the claims that slavery was Unchristian and a crime against their God.


Yeah, the only one up on a high horse is Obama. Of course, one has to expect this sort of chicanery from someone like Obama. He’s not a Christian and his theology, such as it is, is based upon Black Liberation Theology and his church of choice for two decades is and was closely allied with the Nation of Islam.

There’s also the sad but simple fact that Obama chose to identify as a Black and adopt large portions of their culture – a culture that largely predicated upon long dead and buried wrongs being at least as relevant as anything happening today.

Sadly, Obama will never get off his high horse by his own volition.  Americans are, instead, going to have to drag the boy off it and cast him into the mud and muck where he belongs.

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Ministry Of Fairness

The Schwarze ReichThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in yet another of their attempts to “back door” a reprise of the Fairness Doctrine, enacted a program which they carefully named the, “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs.” This would allow the FCC to destroy any that didn’t meet the government’s approval.

It was meant to hunt out “station bias” and to ensure that the desires and interests of special interest minority subcultures were being fully met by television news programing. Such aims were to be accomplished through a combination of interrogating station managers, news directors, journalists, television anchors and reporters, and by placing government monitors in stations’ news rooms.

The program was scheduled to begin this spring in the “problematic,” Southern market of Columbia, SC., possibly to influence the coverage of 2014 election campaigns.

Obama Minister
We Want To Ask You About Your Station Bias

But this has been put “on hold” due to the outrage over it expressed by the American people.

To be clear, media owners and journalists will no longer be asked to participate in the Columbia, S.C. pilot study. The pilot will not be undertaken until a new study design is final. Any subsequent market studies conducted by the FCC, if determined necessary, will not seek participation from or include questions for media owners, news directors or reporters.

— FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

This sounds both reasonably good and like it’s another victory for we, the People over government tyranny. But, while this is an important victory for the First Amendment, it’s only a partial victory in one small battle in the war we must wage to keep the government from controlling all the information we are allowed access to.

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