The $16 Trillion Child

Truth is stranger and more disgusting than fiction could ever be, at least professionally published fiction where publishers and editors exhibit some control over the quality of content. The fictional character Steve Austin was the Six Million Dollar Man is far less strange and disgusting than factual characterature Obama, The $16 Trillion Child.

Obama - The 16 Trillion Dollar Child
Obama – The $16 Trillion Child

Never in the history of America have so many owed so much because of so few. Worse! That $16 Trillion dollars of national debt is only what Obama and his cabal of spending addicts were allowed to get away with; they wanted, and still want, trillions and trillions dollars more of Americans’ hard-earned wealth.

For The Record

Prior to the misborn, narcissistic, child-in-long-pants that America has been saddle with, his predecessor President Bush Jr. held the record for increasing America’s national debt; a responsible spender the pampered “Dubya” was not and it showed. He successfully used his bully pulpit to add approximately $4.9 trillion to our nations debt over the eight years, two major economic collapses, and two wars of his Presidency.

Obama, however, used a combination of his bully pulpit and a hands-off, lead from behind “leadership” style to outpace President Bush Jr.’s total spending before his first term was ended, with far less excuse and to far, far, far less results.


Oh yes! Truth is stranger and far more horrifying and disgusting than fiction would ever be allowed to be. The $16 Trillion Child is proof of that.

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