The First Lady’s Pissed

It seems that Moochelle Obama is getting really pissed off about the growing number of school districts that have rebelled against her War on Food. At her recent Roundtable on Nutrition she got quite irate.

Let me just ask: Why are we even having this conversation? Help me understand why, especially given the fact that the School Nutrition Association worked to pass the original changes in the nutrition standards. It is my understanding that this is the group that’s pushing to change the legislation.

If anyone can help me understand how we wound up here…

— Michelle Obama

This is not in the least shocking. The FLOTUS is “temperamental” and has never dealt well with being balked or questioned, especially by individuals or groups who she believes she can bully through her position as First Lady and her access to the Executive.

Moochelle Obama - Eat What I Tell You To Eat
Eat What I Tell You To Eat!

Of course, I’m sure Moochelle was quite shocked that her selected group of attendees, who were all fairly low on totem pole, had the temerity to question her judgement and the universal efficacy of her plan. It was, after all, no accident that the School Nutrition Association was not invited to send a representative. Moochelle doesn’t tolerate people who have the nerve to question her judgement.

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Healthy Halloween Treats

It’s getting close to Halloween and, for those that celebrate it in a secular manner, it’s once again time to have to listen to people rail against and bemoan all the tasty, sweet treats that will be had that night. There’s a plethora of nasty people who have always ranted against trick or treating and candies.

When I was young the hate was rationalized as concerns about dental health and today it’s all about the “obesity epidemic” manufactured by the weight-loss and fashion industries and profiteered off of by certain politicians’ War on Food.

Happily and oh-so-tastily, Yandy has come up with a delicious way to replace Halloween candies with fruits and vegetables this holiday night.

Healthy Halloween Treats

Remember, you’re suppose to get four servings each of fruits and vegetables each day. Eat up! Also, this also looks like a good way to get some heart-healthy exercise. 😆

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Kermit Gives Up Bacon

Times change and the chaotic winds of political correctness blow oddly, especially in children television. Such was certainly the case in Sesame Street.

What with the iconic Cookie Monster being put in Cookie Rehab, it was only a matter of time before they had Kermit the Frog give up bacon – much to Miss Piggy’s disgruntlement I’m sure. 😉

Kermit Watching Porn
Oh Yeah…Take It, You Terribilis Slut!

This has, of course, led to some awkward behind the scenes moments and the banning of the Nature Channel, Animal Planet, and the National Geographic Channel from the set. Although it’s rumored that the producers are working with Peewee Herman to develop a segment called “It’s OK To Touch Yourself”, so the ban may be lifted soon.


NOTE: For the vast percentage of readers who didn’t get the pun in the image’s caption, the frogs displayed appear to be Phyllobates terribilis aka Golden Poison Dart Frogs from Columbia.

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Poor Fat People

Poor fat people – the War on Food is tied up with race-baiting and animal husbandry as applied to the poor, especially poor Blacks. Hilariously is predicated upon the postulate that America has achieved a society where the commonest dietary problem of the “poor” is that they are too fat.

OK, given the state of real poverty in the world, I’ll unashamedly cop to that as a postulate. Hellfire! America’s poor people are too fucking fat! Huzzah! Shout it out as a point of national pride.

Liberals, Progressives, and worthless political panderers such as Michelle Obama – ironically, of fat-assed fame – feel differently about the matter though, or say they claim.

Fat Black Fool Gorging On A Giant Burger
Somehow, Some Way, This is My Fault

Those sorts view poor fat people, who largely happen to be Black, as victims of some vast conspiracy made up of wealthier White people who, for some reason unknown to all, want the poor to be fat. This is especially true when they speak of fat Blacks.

Apparently, they want Americans to believe that responsible personal behaviors, self-restraint, and at least marginally decent eating habits are a “White Privilege.” Hence, we’re hit with lies about “food deserts” and calls for “Justice” of some sort – and prohibitions of various foods and drinks.

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The Obesity Issues

It has been decided for some reason that America has obesity issues. Yes, plural. There are two major obesity issues within the borders of America, those experienced by Americans and those experienced by Liberals and their minority tenants.

Obesity Problems
America’s Obesity Issues

But this has always been the difference between Americans and the domestic enemies we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. This supposed “obesity epidemic” is just one current example.


When an American decides that something in his or her life is wrong – his or her weight in this example – he or she says, “Damn! I’ve got a problem and I need to do something about it.

When an American decides that something in someone else’s life is wrong – their weight in this example – he or she says, “Damn! They’ve got a problem and they should probably do something about that.”  The American may then offer to help or may not, dependent upon a variety of factors.

Liberals, Progressives, and Minorities

When Liberals, Progressives, or their minority tenants decide that something in their lives is wrong – their weight in this example – they say, “Damn! Something is wrong with America. They caused my problem and it’s all their fault. They need to do something about this!

When Liberals, Progressives, or their minority tenants decide that something in somebody else’s life is wrong – their weight in this example – they say, “Damn! America is wrong! It’s selfish and evil!. They either caused this person’s problem or allowed them to do it to themselves. They need to do something about this!” They then set about building a bureaucracy to regulate whatever behaviors and outcomes are involved.

Of course, if the person with the problem – his or her weight in this example – is a minority, especially a Black, the problem will be claimed to be caused by America being racist. “Social Justice” and “White Privilege” will be blamed for the problem and reparations will be called for in addition to correcting the problem for them and any of them experiencing it again.

Thus we have the obesity issues in America, both those experienced by Americans and those experienced by Liberals, Progressives, or their minority tenants. The first is a personal problem that can be dealt with by responsible personal action. The second is a declared societal failing that must be dealt with by the government.

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