Epic Hissy Fit


A Truly Epic Hissy Fit!

Sleestak vs. Gorn; the deadly hissy fit in history – or is that prehistory? – that never was but so should have been!

Fun Note: Part of what makes this image especially cool to me is how well put together it is. Land Of the Lost was from 1974; comic books were 25ยข in 1974-76; the art’s style matches Marvel comics of that era; and the Gorn was introduced in 1967. This comic could have existed!

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2022 Fantasy Island Remake

2022 Fantasy Island Remake

With Hollywood seeming to suffer from a chronic addiction to either gritty or “woke” remakes, and Fantasy Island seeming to be a common victim of this, here’s the perfect 2022 Fantasy Island remake.

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Nihon No Mausu

Nihon No Mausu

Mouse Computer Japan‘s (MCJ) is not only a producer of fairly high-end laptops, they’re marketing wonderkind. You just don’t get much in the way of television commercials like that – or that damn good – here in America. ๐Ÿ˜†

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No Hope. They Will Rise

They Can Be Killed

Well, the Teletubbies are vaxxed against COVID-19 – or not – and this has given many people new hope. If they need to be vaccinated, then they can die, and, if they can die, they can be killed.

But They Will Rise, Hungry For The Flesh Of Man

I believe that this is a false hope though. Whether due to “side effects” of the Coronavirus vaccine or due to just the unnatural and evil nature of the Teletubbies themselves, I’m sure that they will rise again if killed, stronger, fouler, and hungrier than before.

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Why I Love Bollywood

Why I Love Bollywood

The beautiful Desi babe in the video above is why I love Bollywood, especially their musicals and romcoms. Or, at least, she and those like her in the Indian film industry are a large part of why I do so. The others being a life-long love of classic musicals – think anything starring Howard Keel – and a desire to maintain at least a tiny bit of my lingering fluency in Hindi. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And no, it’s not a “guilty pleasure,” because I feel neither guilt nor shame for loving Bollywood musicals and romcoms. They are, insofar as I know, the last iteration of both the cinematic and musical genres created in far better, past days in America and the feature beautiful women who love, as opposed to hating, their feminine curves.

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