It Was The Russians

It Was The Russians
It Was The Russians

I recently wrote about how America’s domestic enemies’ quest to find some evidence of Russia and President Trump was the equivalent of searching for any or all of more famous cryptids. That, while accurate, might not have been perfectly on point.

Their behavior is actually closer to that of those who search for extraterrestrials on Earth. After all, they’re certainly as butt-hurt as anyone who anal probed by aliens and dumped in some field somewhere. 😉

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CryptoscienceCryptoscience – The Liberals’ New Major

More and more the Liberals’ and Progressives’ ranting sounds like that of people searching for Nessie, Bigfoot, or the Chupacabra. Then, I suppose this makes sense since there’s almost as much evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to block Hillary and win the 2016 elections as there is for the existence of any of the more popular cryptids in the annals of cryptobiology.

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