And Star Trek?

And Star Trek?
And Star Trek?

Despite the seemingly all-consuming nature of Disney, they haven’t bought the rights to Star Trek… yet.

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Why Yes, Khan, It Is

So, Revenge Is Ice Cream?
Yes, Khan, It Is Ice Cream
Yes, Khan, It Is Ice Cream

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Epic Hissy Fit


A Truly Epic Hissy Fit!

Sleestak vs. Gorn; the deadly hissy fit in history – or is that prehistory? – that never was but so should have been!

Fun Note: Part of what makes this image especially cool to me is how well put together it is. Land Of the Lost was from 1974; comic books were 25ยข in 1974-76; the art’s style matches Marvel comics of that era; and the Gorn was introduced in 1967. This comic could have existed!

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2022 Fantasy Island Remake

2022 Fantasy Island Remake

With Hollywood seeming to suffer from a chronic addiction to either gritty or “woke” remakes, and Fantasy Island seeming to be a common victim of this, here’s the perfect 2022 Fantasy Island remake.

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Combating Tribulations

Combating Tribulations With Tribbles

With all the crap going on, both holdover crap from 2020 and the new crap of 2021, e.g., the Dems’ coup against America’s President, Donald Trump, and the installation of their usurper, Creepy Uncle Joe Biden into the White House, Americans are definitely beset by tribulations. Indeed, for the Christian majority, it probably feels like it’s the actual Tribulation.

Believe me! I feel for you. We’re in essentially the same sinking boat – a boat deliberately scuttled by our nation’s and People’s domestic enemies, the Democrats. But … here’s a little bit of lift for our spirits. Nichelle Nicols covered in tribbles has got to be a good way to combat tribulations! ๐Ÿ˜†

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