Making The List

Making The List – A Christmas Tradition

Aye, it’s the Christmas season. A time when so many are wondering about making the list. Are they on the nice list, or the naughty one? But all the time so many are forgetting that best list to be on is somebody’s to-do list. 😆

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Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming – Break Out Your Sweaters

Winter is coming! And, not just according to the calendar. It’s getting pretty damn cold – at least up here in America’s Northeast. Definitely time for the ladies to break out the sweaters so we can all warm up. 😉

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So Finally, It's Halloween

So Finally, It’s Halloween

So finally, it’s Halloween – though most of the adult fun was probably accomplished on Friday and Saturday nights. Enjoy this spooky, sexy, night.

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Halloween Weekend

Halloween, Not Christmas
It’s Halloween Weekend

‘Tis now Halloween weekend’ so we won’t be kicking the Christmas crowd back into their hole for much longer. Just a few more boots to fat bellies before we can rest with our sweet, sweet spoils.

At last! ROFLMAO It’s time to start the sexy, spooky debauchery. Time to love the black and orange, and indulge in sweet treats and drunken excess.

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Just Because…

Sexy Schoolgirls – Just Because You Seemed To Want Them

Here you go, sort of by request. Here’s 27 sexy schoolgirls – OK, there’s a couple of sexy teachers in there as well 😉 – because, judging by the daily hits on “School’s Started,” as fair number of you want them. 😉

Please! Never let it be said that I don’t, at least occasionally, cater to the desires of you, my readers. As your traffic patterns indicate you want more sexy schoolgirls, I’m more than happy to provide you with a few more.

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