So Finally, It's Halloween

So Finally, It’s Halloween

So finally, it’s Halloween – though most of the adult fun was probably accomplished on Friday and Saturday nights. Enjoy this spooky, sexy, night.

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Halloween Weekend

Halloween, Not Christmas
It’s Halloween Weekend

‘Tis now Halloween weekend’ so we won’t be kicking the Christmas crowd back into their hole for much longer. Just a few more boots to fat bellies before we can rest with our sweet, sweet spoils.

At last! ROFLMAO It’s time to start the sexy, spooky debauchery. Time to love the black and orange, and indulge in sweet treats and drunken excess.

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Halloween Rattles

Halloween, Not Christmas
It’s The Time For Halloween Rattles

It’s the time for Halloween rattles, chains all a’dancing. Not the time of Christmas jingles, bells all a’tingles. Kick the fat boy and his trappings back into the hole where he and they still belong!

Aye, tis time to adorn our halls with black and orange, not buntings of red and green. Time to bedeck ourselves in spooky garb and revel and cavort, drunk on candy and booze.

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Halloween Cometh!

Halloween, Not Christmas
Halloween Cometh! Back In Your Hole!

Yay and verily, Halloween cometh, not Christmas! The fat man and his advertisements for the yearly shopping frenzy need to be kicked back into the hole of time where they still belong.

Sexy, spooky babes; sweet, sweet confectionery treats; and enough spirits to float your soul. That is Halloween, which cometh nigh.

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This Is Halloween Mantra

Halloween, Not Christmas
The This Is Halloween Mantra

The holiday coming up fast is Halloween, not Thanksgiving, and certainly not Christmas. So center yourself and chant the Halloween mantra.

This is Halloween. This is Halloween
Back in your hole! Back in your hole!
This is Halloween. This is Halloween!

Chant it often. Chant the Halloween mantra to keep the Kringles at bay.

This is still the spooky, sexy, candy-laden time of year, and the colors of the season are still black and orange, not red and green. Wait your turn!

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