Instilling Fear

In any society that hopes to maintain its liberty and avoid tyranny it is necessary for its people to instill fear in its political leadership. In best case scenarios this needs only be the fear of the consequences of misbehavior. In other all too common situations it is necessary to fill the politicians with the fear of reprisals by the people.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

Attributed to Thomas Jefferson

America is at a point where it is dealing with a middle case scenario where politicians need to be instilled with a combination of preventative and punitive fears.

Instilling Fear In DC
An Honest Man With A Higher Purpose Is Terrifying To Some

Fortunately, Americans have exercised some of the means at their disposal to instill the needed fear in the political elite. They banded together as the TEA Parties and elected representatives to Congress who were of strong purpose and character.

In the degenerate system that America’s federal government has devolved into, honest and patriotic men an women who have chosen to shoulder the burden of providing correction to that system and who are willing to disregard the personal cost to themselves for doing so are an acute source of fear for all the professional politicians who are heavily invested, often literally, in maintaining the current broken status quo.

Nothing scares professional politicians more than actual statesmen, and nothing scares the Liberals and Progressives more than American statesmen, even though they whine and rant when their own sort don’t behave similarly.

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Taking Obama Seriously

Obama mouths a lot words off of his teleprompter about how he’s trying to either save or protect “normal Americans” from the evils of the “Rich Old White Men” on Wall Street and the GOP.

Taking Obama Seriously - It's Hard To Do
It’s Difficult To Take Obama Seriously

He’s got more than a bit of a credibility problem though since by all tangible measurements America’s economy is in a worse and worsening state after he and his cabal of Liberals spent close to a trillion dollars that we didn’t have to fix it only to leave us with a persistent 9%+ official unemployment rate, which is significantly higher than Obama said America would suffer without his Porkulus package.

But, to be fair, he’s pretty good at golf. 😀

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Baconalia Huzzah!

With all due deference to Bacchus, it’s time to put the bacchanalia behind us as a rite of bygone days. It is time to rejoice and revel in porky abandon. Let the Baconalia begin!

Baconalia! Beer and Bacon, Together At Last! Huzzah!

Enjoy the porkalicious goodness of this bacon mug with a rich, dark beer. Whether it be a smoked beer or malty beer is up to you, the celebrant. and as a break between libations you can fill it with beer cheese soup!

But no celebration is complete with just food and drink. Such would be nothing but a meal, albeit one of divine splendor. To fully celebrate the baconalia requires women.

Mmmmmm…Hickory Smoked Hotness 😛

And there you have the three “B’s” of the divine feast of the baconalia – Beer, Babes, and Bacon! Huzzah!

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More On Earmarks

Hillary Clinton According to a report from the LA Times, since becoming New York’s junior Senator in 2001, Hillary Clinton has provided $500 million of earmarks that have specifically benefited 59 corporations. Approximately 64% of those corporations have provided funds to her campaigns through donations made by employees, executives, board members or lobbyists. Since Clinton arrived in the Senate, she has collected in excess of $1 million from earmark beneficiaries and their associates.

Clinton’s staff has maintained that she used the earmark privilege effectively for her constituents and denied any connection between her legislative action and campaign contributions.

In total Clinton has earmarked more than $2.3 billion in federal appropriations for projects in New York since her election to the Senate, much of it for public works projects funded in conjunction with fellow Democratic Sen. Charles E. Schumer and others in the New York congressional delegation.

Read more from the source article.

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