German Efficiency

German Efficiency Explained
German Efficiency Explained

The efficiency and resultant alacrity that was displayed by the German government’s handling of their Coronavirus subsidies for individuals was really impressive. It was also very easily explained by their own history. 😉

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Shovel Ready

Remember back just after the 2008 elections when Obama and the Liberals who were ruling Congress at that time rammed the Stimulus through and spent nearly a trillion dollars of our money on the strength of “shovel ready job?”

Shovel Ready Jobs
Shovel Ready Jobs?

As was to be expected, they failed to find any meaningful number of “shovel ready jobs” and Obama had to tap dance back away from that lie and start talking about jobs that would have supposedly been lost without that massive funding a various pork barrel projects and hand-outs to Democrat voting blocs.

Open Grave
We Found An Opening For Obama And The Democrats

Of course, they did manage to find shovel ready jobs for themselves – digging their own graves. The sooner the American people force Obama and his cronies to fill these openings – metaphorically of course – the better off America will be.

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Obama’s Jobs Strategy

Plenty of Americans wonder if Obama has a jobs strategy given that America’s faltering economy and continued grim prospects for employment are dark shadows on Americans’ consciousnesses. They’re afraid that Obama and his handlers have no plan or strategy at all.

From what I can see, these people are wrong; they’re scared for the wrong reason. The boy and his handlers do have a jobs strategy but it is one based upon a war of attrition, misdirection, and legalisms. That’s why Americans should be both afraid and lethally angry.

Obama just plans to wait it out and use “nuanced” mendacity and misdirection to “deal with” the nation’s unemployment problem.

Congrats! You're no longer making me look badCongrats! You’re No Longer Making Me Look Bad

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported Friday that in April US unemployment fell to 8.1%, which is the lowest it’s been since January 2009. This is something that will help Obama a bit in the polls because his constituency is ignorant and easily led.

If more people were aware of the fact that the drop in unemployment has mainly been due to people leaving the labor force, meaning the BLS had stopped counting them as unemployed, things might be quite different and quite worse for Obama.

In actuality 12.5 million Americans are still unemployed, and according to the BLS a record 88.4 million Americans are officially considered as being “not in the labor force.” At 63.6% the labor-force participation rate – defined as the percentage of the work-age population either working or looking for work – is the lowest since December 1981. Yes, this is the lowest American labor-force participation rate in thirty years!

Not that Obama should be taken too strongly to task for the current real unemployment figures. The government does not meaningfully create jobs. He can only be blamed for fostering a legislative atmosphere that is hostile to business, making it that much harder for those businesses to justify adding staff or expanding domestic operations.

No, what Americans should punish Obama for is his presiding over- and cheering on from his bully pulpit a Congress that added a record setting $5 trillion to America’s national debt in under four years, most of it spent supposedly to create jobs.

That is what Obama and the Liberals in Congress should be punished for. They’re whole “job creating / saving” spending glut is either a $5+ trillion lie or the biggest example of fiscal, legislative, and governmental failure in the history of America.

It’s time for Americans to teach Obama and his cronies what unemployment means. It time that we, the People made it a personal issue to the them and their families.

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It’s No Fluke

It’s no fluke that Pelosi brought in activist-cum-student Sandra Fluke to give “testimony” before a House Committee that had absolutely nothing to do with Obama’s planned violation of the First Amendment. It was well-staged theater designed to distract people from the unpleasant truth.

Obama's 2012 Campaign Direction - From jobs to BS
Obama Full Circle – From BS to Jobs to BS Again

Faced with years of continued and unabating unemployment and upcoming elections, Pelosi chose to distract the People with the tried and true, “Oh look, a slut” gambit in order to change to public debate to something other than Obama’s and his Liberals’ utter and massively costly failure to stimulate job growth in America.

Pelosi’s not stupid twat. She knows that her job is on the line since all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives are in play during the 2012 elections along with 33 seats in the Senate, 23 or which are current filled by Democrats (21) or Left voting Independents (2) – and, almost as an afterthought, Obama’s presidency.

Don’t even bother bitching about my language. I used a rude word about a public figure who gives as good as she gets, who’s called people “hostage-takers” and “unAmerican,” Nancy Pelosi.

The First Amendment was specifically designed for citizens to insult politicians. 😉

The “hearing” not being a court, I’d even posit that Pelosi specifically coached Fluke on just what to say in order to have the best chance to be the biggest distraction possible, not that I’d put illegally coaching a witness in trial beyond Pelosi.

It’s the economy and jobs that are important issues at hand, not Pelosi’s and the LSM’s manufactured “War on Women.” Keep that firmly in mind, especially since Pelosi’s specific opinion on controlling and limiting births is well-documented.

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Taking Obama Seriously

Obama mouths a lot words off of his teleprompter about how he’s trying to either save or protect “normal Americans” from the evils of the “Rich Old White Men” on Wall Street and the GOP.

Taking Obama Seriously - It's Hard To Do
It’s Difficult To Take Obama Seriously

He’s got more than a bit of a credibility problem though since by all tangible measurements America’s economy is in a worse and worsening state after he and his cabal of Liberals spent close to a trillion dollars that we didn’t have to fix it only to leave us with a persistent 9%+ official unemployment rate, which is significantly higher than Obama said America would suffer without his Porkulus package.

But, to be fair, he’s pretty good at golf. 😀

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