Obama’s Hog Callin’

During this afternoon, Tuesday February 3, 2009, President Obama will be conducting interviews with a large number – ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX News – of the MSM television outlets in America . He’s trying his best to sell the American populace on the Democrats’ Stimulus Package. I think he’s a little worried about what happened in the US House of Representatives repeating itself in the US Senate – where it could actually make a difference.

Given the pork-laden nature of this Stimulus Package, and the fact that it’s nothing more than a Liberal wish-list being foisted upon Americans under the guise of economic repair, I’m not sure that Obama is going to go about selling this in the right way. President Obama may be too urban – and too urbane – to use the tried and true method of calling the herd to the trough.

Doris Probst: 2008 IL State Fair Hog Calling Champion

Maybe one of his fellow Illinoisans, Doris Probst, could lend our President a hand with this effort. She has a proven track record, as can been seen above, and I think she’d be a great asset to Obama when it comes to calling his faithful following.

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