Lewinski’s Lament

Damn! Time certainly flies. It seems like just yesterday that Monica was crawling around the White House on her hands and knees, putting everything into her mouth, and now she is all grown up…into another whining, self-absorbed, responsibility-dodging, Liberal, attention whore.

Want to bet we will be the victims of a “leaked” Monica Lewinsky-Sandra Fluke lesbo sex tape soon? 😯

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Pimping Contraception

It's not exactly a new concept
It’s Not Exactly A New Concept

And really! How else can one even begin to describe Sandra Fluke than as a “sex worker” for the Democrat Party?

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A Perspective On War

Liberals and Progressives in order to curry favor with the strident harridans of the Feminist movement have made much ado about the “War on Women.” It’s past time for Americans to put get a perspective on this “war” and how our domestic enemies really think about gender relations and roles.

Putting the War on Women into perspective
Putting The War on Women Into Perspective

Real Victims Of The Real War On Women

All across the globe, certainly in every corner of the Muslim World, women are fighting a real war at great, horrific, and lasting cost to be able to be independent, make their own choices, and be able to pay for what they desire with their own money but the Liberals, Progressives, and Feminists in America claim there’s a war on women because they want someone else to pay for their contraceptives.

Yeah, within the context of Feminism, that makes sense. 🙄

Somewhere the shades of the real Feminists who were imprisoned or committed to insane asylums, with attending compulsory electroconvulsive therapy, for having the audacity to want to work, own property in their own name, or vote are weeping over what has become of Feminism in America.

What was a righteous movement seeking independence and liberty has obviously failed as it has degenerated into a movement actively seeking dependance.

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How Women Have Changed

Seventy years – a little over three generations – can completely change the societal landscape. How women have changed in that time is astounding, and not in any way that could be rightly considered good or flattering. Their devolution from Great to Grift is a national tragedy.

Feminism 70 Years Later - The devolution of Greatest to Grift
From Greatest To Grift In 70 Years

A first blush it truly amazing that the granddaughters of the generation of women who took to the factories and built the US war machine in WW2 degenerated into Sandra Fluke’s generation of grifters seeking hand-outs from the government. It just doesn’t, on the face of it, make sense that We Can Do It turned into We Can Get Free Shit because this seems to be a prima facie reversal of feminist goals and thought.

A deeper look, however, reveals that this degeneration had to be expected. Feminism and gender equality has been billed as a Civil Rights issue and in America all the Civil Rights movements have degenerated within three generations into grift and dependency upon the government for subsidence and/or convenience hand-outs. It’s just more shocking and painful to see it happen to American women, who have done so much and come so far.

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It’s No Fluke

It’s no fluke that Pelosi brought in activist-cum-student Sandra Fluke to give “testimony” before a House Committee that had absolutely nothing to do with Obama’s planned violation of the First Amendment. It was well-staged theater designed to distract people from the unpleasant truth.

Obama's 2012 Campaign Direction - From jobs to BS
Obama Full Circle – From BS to Jobs to BS Again

Faced with years of continued and unabating unemployment and upcoming elections, Pelosi chose to distract the People with the tried and true, “Oh look, a slut” gambit in order to change to public debate to something other than Obama’s and his Liberals’ utter and massively costly failure to stimulate job growth in America.

Pelosi’s not stupid twat. She knows that her job is on the line since all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives are in play during the 2012 elections along with 33 seats in the Senate, 23 or which are current filled by Democrats (21) or Left voting Independents (2) – and, almost as an afterthought, Obama’s presidency.

Don’t even bother bitching about my language. I used a rude word about a public figure who gives as good as she gets, who’s called people “hostage-takers” and “unAmerican,” Nancy Pelosi.

The First Amendment was specifically designed for citizens to insult politicians. 😉

The “hearing” not being a court, I’d even posit that Pelosi specifically coached Fluke on just what to say in order to have the best chance to be the biggest distraction possible, not that I’d put illegally coaching a witness in trial beyond Pelosi.

It’s the economy and jobs that are important issues at hand, not Pelosi’s and the LSM’s manufactured “War on Women.” Keep that firmly in mind, especially since Pelosi’s specific opinion on controlling and limiting births is well-documented.

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