The Shar’ia Times

Dhimmitude For Dummies Some years ago the New York Times, once known as the Grey Lady, degenerated into the Dirty Whore but, in the last decade that rag has chosen more and more to turn against America in favor of whoring itself out to Islam and the filth that follow the ranting of their disgusting Pedophile Prophet.

Their dhimmitude has been long established, but now they’ve taken the next step by attacking the Catholic Church,  while defending their mis-born, subhuman, Muslim masters.

When a group the Godless, Freedom From Religion Foundation, tried to take out a full-page ad in the New York which offensively attacked the Catholic Church and called on people to leave it, the editors at the Dirty Whore thought that was just fine and dandy. But when the American Freedom Defense Initiative sought to take out a deliberately similar ad against Islam, the traitorous dhimmis at the Times refused to run it because it would offend Muslims.

Anti-Catholic Ad Anti Islam Ad

Anti-Catholic = A-OK
Anti-Islam = Nooooo!

They might as well now be called the Shar’ia Times since they chosen to utilize pro-Islam, Anti-Christian “faith-based” editorial control over the advertisements that they’re willing to run in their paper as an overt sign of their submission to the savage baby-rapers of Islam.

Indeed, the filth running the Dirty Whore have now moved beyond mere submission and into the realm of collaboration with America’s terrorist enemies – and we know the proper fate for collaborators.

This is how terrorists win and how Islam spreads. They rely on their own animalistic savagery and the abject cowardice displayed by so many titular members of the Civilized World to coerce people into working for them.


H/T to Boudica for bringing this to my attention.

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