Krugman’s Eurodämmerung

The Leftist, Socialist, Anti-American Pseudo-Economist Paul KrugmanI’m not one to pay overly much attention to the various things that spew from the maw of Paul Krugman. The pontifications, ramblings, and rants of a rabidly fanatical Keynesian neo-Socialist who makes his rent working for the filthy rag known as the New York Times aren’t the sorts of things that I, or any other American, normally pay much heed to – except to keep an eye on what our nation’s enemies are thinking or emoting.

Krugman is willfully dead wrong more often than not on causation and dead wrong, again willfully, every time when it comes to remediation

All that being said, Krugman is not an idiot and he is skilled enough to make solidly plausible predictions of future events, especially relatively near-term ones.

Some of us have been talking it over, and here’s what we think the end game looks like:

1. Greek euro exit, very possibly next month.

2. Huge withdrawals from Spanish and Italian banks, as depositors try to move their money to Germany.

3a. Maybe, just possibly, de facto controls, with banks forbidden to transfer deposits out of country and limits on cash withdrawals.

3b. Alternatively, or maybe in tandem, huge draws on ECB credit to keep the banks from collapsing.

4a. Germany has a choice. Accept huge indirect public claims on Italy and Spain, plus a drastic revision of strategy basically, to give Spain in particular any hope you need both guarantees on its debt to hold borrowing costs down and a higher eurozone inflation target to make relative price adjustment possible; or:

4b. End of the euro.

And we’re talking about months, not years, for this to play out.

Of course this isn’t exactly rocket science or even one of the more arcane examples of the semi-mystical art form known today as the study of Economics. Both hyperinflation and the end of the Euro in the near future are easy predictions to make in the wake of Greece’s Keynesian meltdown and financial collapse.

NOTE: Krugman’s prediction of a European financial meltdown matches my own and naturally feeds into whatever level of Confirmation Bias that I’m saddled with.

Of course these events will happen and happen soon. They were foreordained from the moment of Greece’s financial implosion under the weight of their Socialist economic policies.

I’ll add though that these event will, in turn, most likely lead to the breaking of the European Union by 2015. They can’t hold together as a government – or meta-government, or whatever they are – without a common currency.

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A White Hispanic

George ZimmermanIntroducing George Zimmerman, the Spanish speaking, Latino looking, self-identified as non-White, Democrat, White Hispanic – or, at least that’s how the race-baiting New York Times has now chosen to describe him.

I know Americans can expect no better or different from this treasonous rag, but the depth of pandering and incitement to racial violence that they’ll sink to just keeps amazing me with its extremism, racism, and anti-Americanism.

Maybe if Americans put a bounty on the heads of its reporters and editors we can enact to change the New York Times’ policies. If nothing else, it’d show we’re willing to integrate other “cultures” into our own… 😉

Really! I can provide names, photos and work and home addresses for most of the filth at the Dirty Whore, but what’s the appropriate bounty? Also, why should an American have to be paid to do what’s right?

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The Shar’ia Times

Dhimmitude For Dummies Some years ago the New York Times, once known as the Grey Lady, degenerated into the Dirty Whore but, in the last decade that rag has chosen more and more to turn against America in favor of whoring itself out to Islam and the filth that follow the ranting of their disgusting Pedophile Prophet.

Their dhimmitude has been long established, but now they’ve taken the next step by attacking the Catholic Church,  while defending their mis-born, subhuman, Muslim masters.

When a group the Godless, Freedom From Religion Foundation, tried to take out a full-page ad in the New York which offensively attacked the Catholic Church and called on people to leave it, the editors at the Dirty Whore thought that was just fine and dandy. But when the American Freedom Defense Initiative sought to take out a deliberately similar ad against Islam, the traitorous dhimmis at the Times refused to run it because it would offend Muslims.

Anti-Catholic Ad Anti Islam Ad

Anti-Catholic = A-OK
Anti-Islam = Nooooo!

They might as well now be called the Shar’ia Times since they chosen to utilize pro-Islam, Anti-Christian “faith-based” editorial control over the advertisements that they’re willing to run in their paper as an overt sign of their submission to the savage baby-rapers of Islam.

Indeed, the filth running the Dirty Whore have now moved beyond mere submission and into the realm of collaboration with America’s terrorist enemies – and we know the proper fate for collaborators.

This is how terrorists win and how Islam spreads. They rely on their own animalistic savagery and the abject cowardice displayed by so many titular members of the Civilized World to coerce people into working for them.


H/T to Boudica for bringing this to my attention.

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