Zimmerman v. Obama

A simple comparison between men who’s lives have become embroiled in the public’s consciousness – George Zimmerman and Barack Obama…

Zimmerman v. Obama - A moral contrast
Zimmerman v. Obama

One, George Zimmerman, has a history of putting himself in harms way and putting his community before himself. The other, Barack Obama, has a history of protecting himself and rarely considering the needs of his community much less putting those needs above his own desires.

One, George Zimmerman, was acquitted of murdering one angry, young Black male who attacked him. The other, Barack Obama, has ordered the murder of hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals and will likely never see the inside of courtroom, much less a prison or death chamber.

A simple comparison between to people, one who would be hero if he were not too White and another who be a villain if he were not too Black.

Yes, I know that there are some, the Liberals and the minority tenants, who will rave that it’s racist to compare George Zimmerman and Barack Obama because holding a Black to the same as standards as a White Hispanic is grossly unfair and can never lead to equal results. Oh well. They can just call me a racist and move on.

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Stupid Negroes

Stupid Negro ThugItis a simple fact of life that just because stupidity should be painful for the stupid doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t also be funny to other people. A perfect case in point in the many protests by Blacks over the Zimmerman verdict since they display a level or stupidity and irony that is more than worthy of both ridicule and hilarity on the part of Americans, most of whom just happen to be White.

Yeah, thousands of Blacks gathering together in mobs in numerous cities across America while dressed in hoodies, carrying various threatening signs, and striving to act in as intimidating as legally possible manner because they believe that Trayvon Martin was killed because he was a Black man in a hoodie and that is considered inherently intimidating by “White America” makes so much sense.

It’s a good thing for these stupid Negroes that they’re not White and dressed in kitschy colonial costumes. 😆

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Justice Isn’t Blind

It has always been the ideal that justice should be blind. Or, at least, that always used to be the ideal. That seems to have drastically changed in recent decades as the response from the Blacks and the Liberals and Progressive who pander to them to the Zimmerman verdict makes abundantly clear.

Justice was given a blindfold before her execution
Justice Isn’t Blind. She Was Given A Blindfold

The Blacks hate the simple fact that Trayvon got justice and later so did Zimmerman. This is because the only “justice” that Blacks will accept is the corrupted abomination that is called Racial Justice. To a Black and any others who side with them justice must never be blind; she must always see the color of someone skin so that the outcome can be “properly” adjusted to meet the Blacks’ sensibilities.

Remember that “color-blind” is not acceptable to Blacks because it would apply a single standard irrespective of race and that is not something that Blacks will tolerate because holding them to the same standards as Whites somehow violates their perceived rights and is, hence, racist.



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Because racial angst, class envy, and victimhood are so fashionable these days.
Introducing The Victimhoodie

Because racial angst, class envy, and victimhood are so fashionable these days, at least among the Blacks and the Liberals and Progressives who pander to them.

That’s OK though.  They can have their fashion statement and Americans can their Glock 9mm pistols.  Function beats form every single time. 😛

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Trayvon Got Justice

Trayvon MartinIf it weren’t for the dangers to Americans that they pose all the “Justice For Trayvon” crap we’ve had to put up with for months would be comical due to what such things say about those involved and the gross stupidity of their claims and desires.

They scream, rant, moan, whine, and threaten riots and murder over the incident. Yet Trayvon got justice. It was delivered unto him by George Zimmerman’s pistol.

Trayvon was a young, Black man – no, it’s “racially insensitive” and demeaning to think or say a 17 year-old Black male is still a child – from a broken home who had already been suspended from school multiple times, who was sent to stay with his estranged father and his father’s new fiance in Sanford, FL due to his quite normal behavioral issues.

Sadly, for Trayvon, his walking in the dark and rain dressed in concealing clothing made him look very much like the criminals that had been plaguing the community. This drew the attention of neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman.

It’s a fact that Zimmerman accosted Martin. It’s a very strong probability that Zimmerman was offensive, abusive. and confrontational while doing so. It was, however, Trayvon who chose to, not only continue the altercation after Zimmerman began to walk way, but escalate the encounter to physical violence.

With all the angst, confusion, and confidence of youth Trayvon decide to beat down the “creepy Cracker” who’d offended him, relying on his youth, greater speed, strength, and general ferocity to carry the night…and he was almost correct. Trayvon beat the living tar out George Zimmerman and taught him the meaning of existential fear. It was only almost though. Trayvon made some sort of mistake or Zimmerman got lucky; either way Zimmerman managed to draw the 9mm pistol that he hadn’t drawn before and shot Martin dead on the spot.

And that, dear readers, is justice. It is the rough and bloody-fanged justice untempered by mercy that life delivers upon the foolish and brash.

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