Queering Tomorrow

Yes, in the long run a wide-spread legalization of queer marriage will have or, at the least, pave the way for significant consequences – consequences that most people alive now would not favor. That’s the long term however. Let’s talk about the near-term consequences that legal queer marriage will cause.

Queering Tomorrow’s Chances

George Takai, in his ever snarky way, does us all the great favor of detailing some of the immediate problems that generalized legality of queer marriage will cause America. 😉

BTW, I can’t wait till the hysterics and histrionics of the first messy queer divorce hits Court TV because that’s just going to be freaking funny. Oh my!

So look on the bright side. While there are going to be problems due to queer marriage, most of the near-term ones are the sort that we can manage to deal with.

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6 Responses to “Queering Tomorrow”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    It’s too bad to see how far Mr. Soo Loo has fallen. I see newspapers are struggling with the issues of allowing gay marriage anouncements .

  2. jonolan Says:

    Takai has always been a snarky bastard, Alan, and he’s queer. What do you expect?

    But really, he’s got a point. Queer marriage will lead eventually to things that most consider even worse – like my being able to marry my other “wife” – but that’s going to be in the future.

  3. jz Says:

    next it will be poly marriage and then teen-marriage… by the time we get that far no one will really want to get marriage in any case though lol.

  4. jonolan Says:

    I think you’ve got the order backwards but both will eventually happen, as will legalized incest of some form(s) or another. All that will be a while in the coming though.

  5. jz Says:

    yea… true poly may take longer than teen.. we will see. people should have all these rights, but trying to maintain a cultural balance where there is still something that can be identifiable as normal without normal being the ONLY way seems like would be ideal.

    It is a strange thing. I think there is always balance in life because life seeks balance even if we do not. But seeking balance still feels worthwhile.. like it would be a paradise.

  6. jonolan Says:

    Frankly, despite being one who will likely stand a chance to benefit from the way things are going, I can’t think of anything involving getting sex or being married as a right.

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