Beautiful Sentiment

Female celebrities really seem to love stripping down for whatever their current pet cause célèbre is. I certainly don’t mind this as it lends beauty to the sentiments, even when those sentiment lack significant inherent beauty themselves.

A case in point is Amanda Heard’s photo shoot for marriage equality.

Amber Heard Naked For Equality - A beautiful sentiment but not predicated upon accepted reality
A Beautiful Sentiment But A Flawed Premise

Amanda Heard’s naked body certainly lends both interest and beauty to the sentiments involved in the cause of legalizing and normalizing queer marriages. Sadly, however, not matter how nice Ms. Heard is too look at she doesn’t change the fact that the entire queer marriage cause is predicated upon the premise that homosexuality is either acceptable behavior or an inborn, harmless yet incurable medical condition that must be accounted for and for which allowances must be made.

Neither of these premises are accepted by the majority of people at this time. Consensus opinion is still strongly divided upon whether or not homosexuality is inborn or behavior choice. Consensus opinion is also divided, though less widely, upon whether or not homosexuality, if it’s an inborn genetic or congenital condition, is harmless or more of the nature of alcoholism or other inborn psycho-medical pathologies.

It also doesn’t help Ms. Heard’s cause that she’s bisexual with, reportedly, a strong preference for other women. That makes this all seem a bit self-serving.

So Amanda Heard’s demonstration is a beautiful sentiment in so many contexts but is based upon a flawed premise since many, many people will just believe that it is another case where Liberals want people’s choices not to have negative consequences – equality and similarity of results without concern for inputs.

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