Dirty Jobs

One of the common refrains Americans have to endure from the Left is that we have to open our borders because Hispanic immigrants will do jobs and perform tasks that Americans just won’t do.

Immigrant Jobs
Dirty Jobs For Hispanic Immigrants

In this they may have a point. There are some things that Americans just won’t do that Hispanic immigrants will if they’re allowed to. Of course, this is much the same as every other low-end occupation considered ill-suited or demeaning to the average American. The Blacks already within America’s borders will lose out first and foremost and be supplanted by those Hispanic immigrants.

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2 Responses to “Dirty Jobs”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    Even though Barak Obama does his level best to produce the poor that Democrats need to maintain power, it simply is not enough. Democrats have to import poor people.

  2. jonolan Says:

    It’s not just Obama. Importing voters has been a major thrust of the Democrats as a whole for decades. As usual, Obama is just another one of them, differentiated only by his race.

    There’s a term among immigrants, most Indians ones – DOA, Democrat On Arrival. However, they turn GOP once they’ve settled in and made their money. That shift among productive, integrating immigrants is probably why the Dems focus so much on the poor Hispanic immigrants; they’ll never make it on their own and will stay loyal to the masters who they think are feeding them.

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