A Liberal Disconnect

Screaming LiberalThe Liberals and Progressives have stepped up their screaming of insults at and about Americans, especially the patriots of the TEA Party, and they’ve stepped up the hand wringing, whining, and moaning at and about Obama.

In their eyes Americans are “terrorists,” “extremists” and “hostage takers” and Obama is “weak,” “indecisive,” and a “turncoat.”

Essentially these domestic enemies hate Americans because Americans stood up for their principles and core values, did as they swore to do despite personal risk, and refused to gracefully capitulate on matters of national importance. Yet at the same time these Liberals and Progressives loath Obama for not doing so.

It’s all too easy to chalk it up to the normal and, by this point, dismissible Liberal hypocrisy. For the Leftists’ rank and file though this might be an erroneous conclusion.

While the people behind them and the politicians working for them are likely being cynically hypocritical, it’s quite possible that the Liberals’ myrmidons actually do have such a cognitive disconnect that they can’t even see the ridiculousness of their juxtaposed positions.

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4 Responses to “A Liberal Disconnect”

  1. Alan Scott Says:


    “In their eyes Americans are “terrorists,” “extremists” and “hostage takers” and Obama is “weak,” “indecisive,” and a “turncoat.” ”

    I wish I could find the quotes about civility that the hypocrats spouted around the time of the Arizona shootings. Remember how dangerous and uncivil we were , according to them?

  2. jonolan Says:

    Don’t sweat it, Alan. It doesn’t really matter what the details of what they jabbered and screeched were. What matters is that they did it and then did it again, with “separate but equal” vehemence, when Obama failed to do what they were complaining about when Americans did it.

    I find that more telling than merely normal hypocrisy where one complains about others’ action even though one does the same thing one’s self.

  3. Alan Scott Says:


    Off topic, but important. I see that under Obama we have lost our AAA rating from S&P. First time ever . Once again our fearless leader has been historic . The man just keeps padding his resume. How WILL we ever defeat this great man ?

  4. jonolan Says:

    It was bound to happen, Alan. The government has been ass-raping Americans’ children’s and grand-children’s futures for most of century in order to pander to the worthless eaters who’ve they been farming for votes. Obama and his cabal are just the most profligate of the lot.

    They could only live beyond our means for so long before it fell apart.

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