What Causes AGW?

Chaos Butterfly Al Gore’s cultists, The Warmists still wail, rant and rave about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) – or whatever they’ve rebranded it as this month – and still monomaniacally fixate on man-made CO2 emissions as the cause of their looked-for apocalypse. This they, in their religious fervor, do despite a plethora of contrary evidence as to CO2’s primary and secondary effects upon our planet’s climate.

Sadly for them, their eschatology runs afoul of Chaos Theory and, even leaving the falsity of much of their data aside, it’s patently ridiculous for supposed scientists to believe that they can come up with the correctly weighted causative factors behind systemic changes when the system in question is as large and poorly understood as Earth’s climate.

Perhaps they should have read more about Professor Edward Norton Lorenz’ “Butterfly Effect” – i.e., sensitive dependence on initial conditions in nonlinear systems

Alas that could never happen. Lorenz was a meteorologist as well as a mathematician and we know the disdain and contempt that the Warmists feel towards meteorologists.

Still, the issue is potentially important and deserved study. After some research I found a pattern of events and actions that seems to near-perfectly fit their warming models. I may have actually stumbled upon the real culprit behind AGW – the United States Postal Service.

Chart 1 – US Postal Charges vs. Global Mean Temperatures
(Click to Enlarge)

The Warmists should really look into this. Global mean temperatures track much closer to US Postal rates than to atmospheric CO2 levels. Doing so shouldn’t bother them much either, if they can get past their slavish devotion to their dogma. It fits the facts in evidence, is still anthropogenic in nature, and would make AGW entirely America’s fault. Hence it doesn’t violate anything in the Warmists’ core doctrine. 😛

A Very grateful H/T to Jo Nova.

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2 Responses to “What Causes AGW?”

  1. Alan Scott Says:


    When George W. Bush was President every extreme weather event was proof there was man made global warming. Katrina and other hurricanes had never happened before. Even though if you really looked you could find records of such weather and worse in the historical record.

    I see a big change now that Obama is President. The big heat wave over the country in July should have been proof of climate change, but I could find almost no such claims. Maybe Barry really has changed the weather. I know he has reduced green house gases and reduced illegal immigration. See, the reduced economic output that President Obama has engineered has a couple of silver linings.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Alan, don’t you remember? The heatwave in July was Bush’s fault; everything is and until at least January 2013 will continue to be Bush’s fault. 😉

    I’d laugh at the rest but some of the more honest and open Warmists admitted that they wanted this crash because they knew that, given current technologies, their CO2 reduction goals couldn’t be met while the Civilized World had growing economies.

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