Another Lexiconical Shift

Since the death cult’s birth the Warmists have struggled with naming the climatic system that forms the core of their faith. Time and time again both the facts in evidence and the public’s skepticism has forced them into lexiconical shifts:

Global Warming Is a Hoax - They will do for the sake of AGW what they would refuse to do in the name of Socialism

  1. Global Warming
  2. Climate Change
  3. Climate Chaos
  4. Climate Disruption
  5. Climate Uncertainty
  6. Carbon Pollution

Truth be told, it’s been rather amusing to-date to watch and listen to the Warmists scrambling and scrabbling about, trying to re-brand dogma every year or so in an attempt to wrench it into some semblance of a shape that matches reality while still providing an excuse for their attacks upon Western Civilization and the basic liberties of its citizenry.

The free peoples of the world will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of Global Warming they will adopt every fragment of the socialist platform, or so the Warmists hope.

The most recent change, however, is not humorous in the least. The problem is that the latest re-branding, “Carbon Pollution” came from Obama’s  campaign machine, Organizing for Action. They declared the new name Tuesday, August 13, 2013. Given the proclivities and pathology of the Thug-in-Chief, there’s little doubt that this re-branding of Global Warming is a precursor to the Obama Regime use of the various regulatory agencies under its control to enact the Warmists’ agenda without the factual color of law or bothering with garnering the legal authority to do so.

If CO2 is now Carbon Pollution, then one of the greatest polluters is Obama. He’s spewing out great gusts of it with his constant campaigning and jabbering rantings.

By the Warmists’ own accounting the boy’s “sustainability” should be brought into question. 😉

This recent change in naming, coming as it does from the Obama Regime’s proxies and foot soldiers, should concern each and every American. With the collapse of the Warmists’ cult’s public acceptance, they’re desperate and desperate people are often willing to go to extreme measures to stave off utter failure and total collapse. This is made worse by their alliance with the Obama Regime, who has never shown much respect for America’s law or its People.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down. 😉

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An Obama Cultist

Like most cults, street gangs, and virulently nonnormative subcultures Obama cultists wear a uniform in order to “flag” their identities to others.

An Obama cultist in its natural setting
An Obama Cultist Displaying His Fashion Sense

This can, at times, lead to some odd combinations of fashion. Then again, these combination might not really be that odd at all, just not ones that Americans would find pleasant or chic.

On the brighter side for the nation, this is one Obama cultists who probably won’t ever be voting again, at least not legally.

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The Pillars Of Liberalism

Like all dangerous and self-destructive cults, Liberalism has a very small and simple core dogma. Much like Islam, the Liberal “Faith” has but five pillars to support it.

The 5 pillars of Liberalism
The 5 Pillars Of Liberalism

Hysteria, Denial of Reality, Thought Control, Name-Calling, and Projection of Guilt make up the five pillars of the Liberalism and are the core dogma of this creed of evil and failure.

I’d say that they should officially add the 6th pillar, Hypocrisy, but their Magisterium doesn’t brook what they call heresy – ask any Black who strays from their plantation – and their dogma is not open for reformation or alteration. 😉

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That Old Black Magic

In a previous post Alan Scott made a good observation about the 2012 Democratic National Convention and Obama’s and his cronies’ performance throughout it.

If you watch the convention you would think that the old magic is still there. The faithful are enthralled with the speakers praising our fearless leader. The hardcore zombies lap up the twin philosophies of victimhood and scapegoat politics. They are the victims and rich white men are the scapegoats.

Yep! Alan is right. That Old Black Magic still seems to be strong. Obama and Co. can still pack them in, if not quite in the same order of magnitude as before he’d actually had to do anything.

I Worship Obama

That’s the advantage of having a cult of personality as opposed to having to rely upon plans and results. The zombie cultists can always be counted upon to shuffle in and chant or groan in the appropriate manner. 😉

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Not Much Has Changed

In 2008 Obama was seen as the harbinger of change. He ran as the Great Black Hope of the Left and their minority tenants. It’s now 2012 and Obama is continuing his campaign for the Presidency.

Oddly perhaps, not much has changed in the intervening four years…

Obama-Zombie Fangirls Circa 2008

Back in 2008, with the death of boy bands and Justin Bieber not being on the scene yet, Obama had a lot of rock star appeal to impressionable young, White girls inexperienced in both politics and their own sexuality.

Obama-Zombie Fangirls Circa 2012

Now in 2012, the hysteria has faded but the devotion has turned from that of groupies into that of worshipers drinking in their master’s “wisdom.”

Nope, not much has changed at all in the last four years. Obama is still reliant upon the pliable vacuity of his followers and still finding them in the same places and amongst the same demographics.

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