Normalizing Crime

There are two common methods employed by criminals and those who pander to criminals to excuse their criminal behavior. These are respectively claiming that no crime was actually committed and blaming others for their criminality.

Obama is quite skilled at blending these two excuses into a single narrative. The boy is amazingly competent at this, if at nothing else that humans would consider of worth.

I will seize any opportunity I can find to work with Congress to strengthen the middle class, improve their prospects, improve their security, but where Congress is unwilling to act, I will take whatever administrative steps that I can in order to do right by the American people.

The Narcissist-in-Chief sound so reasonable and even noble as he shucks and jives his way around the simple fact that a great deal of the time, “I will take whatever administrative steps that I can…” is just a dog-whistle for his usurping authority that he as POTUS doesn’t have. He cannot levy taxes, no matter how he renames them and he cannot fail to enforce and fully execute the laws that Congress enacts. Yet those are the “administrative steps” that the boy consistently resorts to whenever Congress fails to do as he wishes.

This is just an attempt on Obama’s part to normalize and legitimize his rampant criminality. Frankly, it’s no surprise that Obama identified with Trayvon Martin; it’s just sad that he never, as of yet, met his Zimmerman.

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One Response to “Normalizing Crime”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    The 3 branches of government are supposed to operate as checks and balances on one another. Unfortunately when Barak Hussein Obama ascended onto his throne his party had both houses of Congress. The Supreme Court abdicated it’s responsibility under John Roberts to do anything.

    The House of Representatives under Republicans has been only a minor annoyance at best to Barry and a happy scapegoat for his many failures at worst. Unless the American voter jumps 20 IQ points and throws out Obama’s henchmen in the Senate, our mad Emperor will continue to break the law.

    Whether the middle class is angry enough yet to take back this country is still a mystery. They will get no help from most of the geezers who only need the country to last for their lifetimes. And try to explain why there are no jobs to the brilliant Komsomol produced by our institutions of lower learning.

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