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Back In The Day Those Things Just Said “Press”

Yes, back in the day, the “Press” was staffed largely by American journalists and editors. The press back then focused on facts and strove for objective reporting thereof. They deserved both their right to freely report upon our government and its officials and the various privileges that were granted to them, e.g., largely unfettered access to the halls of power and the credence and respect of the American people.

Now, however, the “Press” mostly doesn’t exist at the national level. There are few, if any, actual journalists left in that degenerated industry.  No. Now we don’t have a “Free Press.” What he have is an unregulated, largely accountable propaganda corps for the Democrat party being passed off as the 4th Estate. No. What we now have is a Lamestream Enemedia spewing biased and fake news and, thereby, abrogating any 1st Amendment rights they might have in the same way that criminals by their actions have abrogated certain of their basic rights.

Obama - MSM Security
The Lamestream Enemedia – 8 Years As Obama’s Praetorians

Not that is is truly new. The MSM’s “calling” to #Resist anything That President Trump does or doesn’t do and their quite open alliance with anything that cries out #NeverTrump is merely the other side of the coin of their loyalties and ideology. They did, after all, spend eight years acting as Obama’s Praetorian Guard. They did, after all, spend those eight years shielding Obama from negative consequences and marginalizing any and all who spoke against his actions, rhetoric, and/or policies.

No. What the American people are dealing with now isn’t new. It’s just how the “Press” operates when their enemies have elected a POTUS.

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6 Responses to “Back In The Day”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    ” Obama’s Praetorian Guard ” They did that function very well. Now that Trump is President, they can revert back to their traditional function as critic to the sitting President.

  2. jonolan Says:

    I can’t see where the Press’ proper function is that of a critic to / of the sitting President. I see their proper function as discovering and reporting upon the facts of matters unless doing so contradicts the interests of national security, Alan.

  3. Alan Scott Says:


    The office of President has evolved so much power that no matter who is running it the press should have an adversarial role. My problem is that they did not have that role with Obama or Bill Clinton. They sure would not have taken that role with Hillary Clinton had she won.

    Their job is not to be a cheer leader for whomever is President. So Trump’s victory has relieved them of their improper ” Praetorian Guard ” job. While I do not like what they say about President Trump, I much prefer them bashing him to the alternative of them praising President Hillary.

    Most Americans are smart enough to sift out the lies coming from the media about Trump. The more they bash him, the more popular he becomes.

  4. jonolan Says:

    I do not believe that the press should have an adversarial role vs. the POTUS; nor do I believe that they should be a cheer leader for him. They are meant to report upon facts, not take sides for or against people. Whenever they venture into such editorializing or king making / breaking they abrogate their rights to the freedom granted the press.

  5. rawgod Says:

    Dear Person,
    If you want to find something to bitch about, you can find all kinds of things on the internet. But do you believe everything uou read? Actually I know you do not, for you read selectively. If it agrees with your outlook, it is true. If it disagrees with your outlook, it is false news. The ptoblem is, neither was has anything to do with truth, but only with your outlook.
    It is apparent, though, you believe everything you hear, as long as it comes from the mouth of Donald Trump. You worship him as your master, your king, your god. Long Live King Donald I of America.
    Tell me that again in a few years, when there is no America for him to rule. When here is no world for him to be god of.

  6. jonolan Says:

    That’s nice. Please both go back into your hole and back on the medications that better people than you have chosen to treat you with.

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