UnHappy Meals

PETA is at it again and this time their “campaign” doesn’t possess the cuteness and humor of their ridiculous Sea Kitten marketing efforts. Nor is it yet another rendition of their perennial use of naked or nearly naked women and girls to shock and scandalize the public while playing on the prurient nature of Western culture.

This time PETA – or at least their cells in New York – has chosen to directly target young children in an effort to traumatize them and hopefully cause a psychological aversion reaction in them regarding McDonald’s.

PETA accosts and traumatizes young children with depraved images and fake blood in Unhappy Meals featuring Ronald McCruelty
PETA Targets Young Children For Trauma and Abuse

Despite understandable and proper outrage from American parents, the psychological terrorists and child abusers of PETA claim that children are jaded enough by television and video games to handle the “carnographic” images, and have sworn to continue their sick campaign.

From CBS 6 (WRGB), Albany, NY:

Activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will hand out “Unhappy Meals” to children at an Albany McDonald’s restaurant today to protest alleged chicken abuse, according to a statement this morning by PETA.

PETA alleges that McDonald’s allows its chicken suppliers to abuse the animals before they are slaughtered for food. The organization advocates “controlled-atmosphere killing,” a method that promotes animal welfare.

Children who buy meals at the McDonald’s at 391 Central Ave. today beginning at noon will encounter PETA staff, headed by an activist in a chicken costume.

The “Unhappy Meal” that PETA will give to children – a spoof of a Happy Meal – will include a “menacing, knife-wielding” Ronald McDonald cutout, a ketchup packet disguised as chicken blood, a plastic chicken covered in “blood” and a “McCruelty” t-shirt.

The statement indicates that PETA will target children so they will “join its campaign” to convince McDonald’s to change slaughter methods.

This time depraved vermin of PETA has gone to far. They seek to traumatize as many children as possible in order to further their agenda by scarring the minds of the children of Americans.

PETA vermin in chicken suits bleeds out murdered Ronald McDonald
PETA accosts children with THIS in some McDonald’s parking lots

In America we defend children from abuse and we punish the depraved vermin who seek to harm them and scar their minds. That’s something that PETA seems to have forgotten – if, being unaccustomed to such things in their own culture, they ever knew it in the first place.

I’m originally from the South. Down there we take these matters seriously and we don’t worry overmuch about what the law will say about the retribution we mete out to filth like these.

The problem now faced by American parents is that these abusers who are targeting American children are protected by the law. PETA is allowed by the current laws of the land to conduct these psychological terror attacks on American children. Parents seeking to defend their children against these depraved individuals have no legal recourse with which to do so.

Those who choose to abuse our children have turned away not just from America, but from Humanity as well. They are nothing but rabid vermin and must be recognized as such.

In this case our laws, over the years having been suborned from their proper intent, have failed America’s children. When the law has failed our children, the children of an America already in dire peril, what recourse is left to any of us to protect and defend our children from abusers like PETA? What means are left to us and how much courage and self-sacrifice does it take to use them?

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2 Responses to “UnHappy Meals”

  1. zhann Says:

    PETA’s hypocrisy approaches that of politicians. Have you seen this? Just a simple example. The majority of what they do isn’t thought through, simply impulse. I get the feeling that the decision makers are generally smoking pot and thinking of all the ‘injustices’ in the world. One of them has an epiphany and the lunacy begins. I have learned to consider PETA more of a joke than a serious organization.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Oh yes, zhann; I’ve long known of the hypocrisy of PETA running on “kill shelters.” Though it sort of makes sense. In what passes for their minds, adopting the animals out would only perpetuate what they see as an evil, the domestication or use by humans of any creature.

    I’ve normally, like yourself, considered PETA to be a joke, though one in very taste. This latest assault by them though has no humor in it and I truly hope and pray that someone does whatever is necessary to make an example – a “teaching moment” if you will – out of their operatives in retribution for it.

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