Internet’s Antecedents

The internet is, to most people’s minds, a fairly new bit of technology. It’s not though. It’s just incremental advancement in technology serving the same needs and desires as its antecedents.

Egyptian Internet - People Writing On Walls And Worshiping Cats
Yep! People Writing On Walls And Worshiping Cats

History doesn’t so much repeat itself as people repaint and reinvent the same things and call it “new and improved.” 😆

And, for those that might care, pick up a copy of  The Victorian Internet and really get laugh at how little or nothing has changed.

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The Sinai War

I have posted before that America was going to have to deploy a large number of troops to the Sinai Peninsula in the wake of the “Arab Spring” which deposed the government of Egypt and emboldened the anti-Semite Islamist vermin in the region. That prediction is looking more and more likely to reach fulfillment.

For the third time since the revolt in Egypt Muslim terrorists have attacked and damaged the North Sinai pipeline in the Sinai Peninsula that supplies natural gas to Israel and Jordan.

The Islamists, or their Bedouin proxies / dupes,  previously sabotaged it on February 5 and April 27 of this year.

North Sinai Pipeline
Dotted Line Traces Path of North Sinai Pipeline

Egypt can’t or won’t defend the pipeline effectively, Israel isn’t “allowed” to defend it, and the Multinational Force & Observers (MFO) will need significant increase in personnel to undertake a counter-terrorism / counter-insurgency role.

This means that the US will have to send in more troops and equipment to occupy and patrol the Sinai, and that those troops must be in sufficient force to withstand betrayal and attack by the Egyptian military forces which have been allowed, despite the accords of the 1981 Protocol to the Treaty of Peace to enter the Sinai in force.

The Sinai War that is coming is going to be particularly nasty, as much from the domestic fall-out as from the actual fighting.

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Truth: Land For Peace

Unsurprisingly, Obama has continued to mouth rhetoric from the same tired, old, failed Middle East policy regarding Israel and the Palestinian vermin which previous American administrations have repeatedly tried with no positive results.

Land For Peace
Land For Peace? Enabling Muslim Terrorism

This will continue to be a waste of breath because none of the Islamists in control of the Palestinian regions of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, nor their supporters such as Iran’s Hezbollah seek peace while single Jew lives in Israel, and because the Jews of Israel know this and will not submit themselves to genocide.

The truth of “Land For Peace,” or any variation thereof the requires Israel to surrender strategically critical lands, is that it’s a recipe for the utter destruction of Israel and the annihilation of her people at the filthy hands of the Muslims.

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Obama’s Foreign Policy

So what exactly is the foundation of Obama’s foreign policy? What are Obama’s goals for America’s international relations? Nobody seems to know those answers, not our State Department, not Congress, not the People, not our Enemies, and certainly not our Allies.

With no apparent rhyme or reason to Obama’s statements, occasional half-measures, and string of inactions in response to any of the situations in the Mid-East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America people keep searching for some deeper game that he’s playing and ascribing various and sundry motivations to him.

There’s a far simpler and, I believe, much more likely rationale for Obama’s foreign policy inconsistencies:

Infographic: Obama's Foreign Policy Goals - This Space Intentionally Left Blank
Infographic: Obama’s Foreign Policy Goals

There are two rules one should always remember: “The simplest explanation is most likely the correct one” and “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

I firmly believe that Obama already displayed the extent of his foreign policy. He apologied to all and sundry for America’s status as a superpower, vilified the actions of his predecessors, and thought that our enemies would now begin to like, if not America, at least him.

Beyond that, I don’t think that Obama has any foreign policy goals.

As the international situation grows ever more fluid and we in America move towards the 2012 Elections this is something to keep firmly in one’s mind.

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Rape’s Not Newsworthy

Lara LoganI’m fairly sure that most people in the Civilized World have heard that CBS reporter Lara Logan was brutally beaten and gang raped by 200 or so of the insurrectionists in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday February 11, 2011.

That’s in the Civilized World. The Muslim World knows little, if anything, about it because they don’t consider such events to be newsworthy.

If one goes to the Liberals’ new darling “news outlet,” Al-Jazeera English and search for any mention of “Lara Logan“, the non-results are stark proof that her vicious attack was not considered something that should be reported upon even to their growing Western audience.  Completely unsurprisingly, their original, Arabic site also has no mention of Lara Logan.

In point of fact, if one searches for “rape” on Al-Jazeera English’s website, one will find many articles about the crime but none of them involve rape committed by Arabs. Their their original, Arabic site seems to be similar, though it includes articles about rapes of female political prisoners within Iran which are tellingly not found on Al-Jazeera English.

The attack upon and brutalization, defilement, and pollution of an attractive, blond-haired, blue-eyed, Western, female reporter by a reeking mob of slavering Muslim apes isn’t news within the Muslim World unless it’s such that they can gloat and crow about it.

Additionally, since the gang rape couldn’t be pinned on Mubarek’s agents or supporters, it didn’t fit the “message” that Al Jazeera’s anti-American propaganda machine, Al-Jazeera English seeks to poison the Civilized World with, they were never going to comment upon it.

So we in the Civilized World should not be shocked by Al-Jazeera’s refusal to cover Lara Logan’s beating and gang rape. Her’s was reportedly not the only sexual assault upon a Western woman by Egyptian males in Tahrir Square that day and such gang rapes, nor are such attacks unusual during larger, emotional gatherings of Muslims in Egypt.

Rape, pedophilia, and disgustingly barbaric levels of abuse of women and girls are all part and parcel of Islam and the Muslim World, hence they’re no more newsworthy there than going to the local market is within the Civilized World so there’s no rational or sane reason to expect any media outlet that caters to Muslims to report upon it.

This holds true for the original, Arabic version of Al-Jazeera which caters to an Arab Muslim audience. Al-Jazeera English is another story and they should be dealt with differently.

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