Liberal Family Planning

Liberals and Progressives make a big deal about “family planning.” They also make a lot of noise about “rights” – when those “rights” pertain to minorities, real or perceived, and don’t conflict with their agenda. Their two strident tunes of jabbering “harmonize” into a whole that is very much worse than the sum of it parts.

Kill it. It's my right!
Kill It! It’s My Right!

So, using Obama’s Julia as an example, we have what this unholy synergy would logically create. Remember, some vermin labeled bio-ethicists have already endorsed this so this isn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, merely a Dystopian fantasy.

For the sake of the most defenseless among us I counsel all, Christian and non-Christian alike, to consider the tenets and strictures of Bellum iustum as we prepare for the November elections and beyond.

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