Our Elder Horror

Our Elder Horror
Behold Our Elder Horror

You young’uns will never understand. And, you should be the thankful that Gen X seems to have been last generation that was generally exposed to this sort of horror. You were never exposed to – and expected to eat – these eldritch monstrosities known as “jello salads.” You never had to and probably never will have to smile at the “church ladies” while trying to choke down some horrific combination of jello, mayonnaise, meat and vegetables.

We are not the same!

Frankly, I think those church lunches, socials, and picnics – all rife with these hellish concoctions – did more for the Atheists’ cause than anything the Democrats did. 😆

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Sweet Dreams ;-)

Sweet Dreams 😉

Sweet dreams, folks. 👿 Maybe now you’ll learn not to surf the internet right before bed. And yes, this squirmy bit of ravenous nightmare fuel is real.

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Halloween Horror

Halloween Horror - An Earworm From A Galaxy Far, Far Away Do Do Dodo DodoStorm Trooper Do Do DoDo DoDo…
Halloween Horror – An Earworm From A Galaxy Far, Far Away Do Do Dodo DodoStorm Trooper Do Do DoDo DoDo…

A bit of Halloween horror compliments of the 501st, Vader’s Legion. Happy Baby Sharkoween, folks! The earworm shall live in your brain till Christmas. 😉

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An Ancient Horror Awakened

An Ancient Horror Awakened – Cthlippy

People! Raise your children correctly. Raise them with an awareness of the ancient evils that stalk the dark, chthonic recesses of the world… and our CD cases. Raise them to properly fear the eldritch horrors that we, after many losses to madness and damnation, finally sequestered away.

Cthippy Waits Dreaming
Do Not Awaken Him!
In His Application Suite Dead Cthippy Waits Dreaming

He waits, dreaming dreams of madness and the rending of the souls of Man. Do not be a fool! Teach your children to never awaken the ancient, eldritch horror that we locked away behind 32- and 64 bit wards.

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Hillary 2020?

Hillary 2020? 

So, Hillary is testing the waters for another bid at claiming the crown Presidency that she feels was wrongfully denied her. And, both predictably and laughably, the Democrats are responding to this with fear and loathing, even her staunchest constituency, the Vagina Voters, want her to sit down and shut up about being POTUS.

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