An Ancient Horror Awakened

An Ancient Horror Awakened – Cthlippy

People! Raise your children correctly. Raise them with an awareness of the ancient evils that stalk the dark, chthonic recesses of the world… and our CD cases. Raise them to properly fear the eldritch horrors that we, after many losses to madness and damnation, finally sequestered away.

Cthippy Waits Dreaming
Do Not Awaken Him!
In His Application Suite Dead Cthippy Waits Dreaming

He waits, dreaming dreams of madness and the rending of the souls of Man. Do not be a fool! Teach your children to never awaken the ancient, eldritch horror that we locked away behind 32- and 64 bit wards.

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Hillary 2020?

Hillary 2020? 

So, Hillary is testing the waters for another bid at claiming the crown Presidency that she feels was wrongfully denied her. And, both predictably and laughably, the Democrats are responding to this with fear and loathing, even her staunchest constituency, the Vagina Voters, want her to sit down and shut up about being POTUS.

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Halloween Horror

Life supposedly mimics art and this can cause us to experience nightmares. What should have been just titillating Halloween horror can become a stark, terrifying reality.

Right now the Makers, the tax-paying, productive citizens of America are experiencing just such a horror. A plague of parasite-driven zombies are coming for them.

Parasitic - If you're productive, you are what they eat
Makers Beware! You Are What They Eat

Fortunately, I suppose, this parasite version of a zombie apocalypse isn’t one of the grass-roots varieties. There is a nest leader, a King of the Zombie as it were.

Obama The Zombie King
The Lord Of The Infected

Kill the King and the hive mind loses direction. At that point, the drones are close to harmless and can be obliterated piecemeal. Better even, the method for killing zombies has been long-established and, if one or more brave souls take proper action, the parasitic plague of zombies can be expunged.

Obama seen through a sniper's scope.
Head, Not Heart! Your Dope Is Wrong!

You’ve got to get it right though if you want to end the apocalypse.  Headshots are the solution for zombies and politicians, not center of mass.  They’ll just get up again otherwise.

Or…We could just vote Obama and as many Leftists out of office on November 6th, 2012. It’s a rather anticlimactic ending for the Obama zombie apocalypse but, I suppose, life doesn’t have to mirror art perfectly in every way. πŸ˜†

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Elder Democrat Stateman

America is a land of traditions. Americans are fond of our history, short as it is, and are largely loath to cast it aside. This can cause problems when those traditions and cultural edifices are evil.

DNC Elder Thing
Not All That Is Old Is Good

Evil is ancient and that particular evil known as the Democratic Party dates back almost to the founding of America. Yet age has not lessened it. It has only provided it a less honest but more pleasing face.

The 2012 elections are a chance for Americans to put aside this tradition of evil in our land and remove these Democrats from office en mass for the sake of our nation’s very soul.

This is one singular change that no true American should fear and getting Shub-Niggurath, The Black Goat Of The Woods, out of the White House is only part of cure. We need to purge the House and Senate as well.


They will be responsible for letting a condition develop in this country which will create a climate that will bring seeds up out of the ground with vegetation on the end of them looking like something these people never dreamed of. In 2012, it’s the ballot or the bullet.

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The Zombie Infection

There are many different means of contagion for zombies. One can become a zombie in different ways based upon what sort of zombie plague is upon us. The vectors vary widely.

The Zombie Infection - Different ways to become a zombie
There Are Different Ways To Become A Zombie

Direct infection through transference of bodily fluids from a zombie, radiation or other mutagens, a virus – all are staple means of becoming a zombie in science-fiction and horror. Yet those means pale in effect and virulence as compared to the real world zombie infection – college.

Between their ongoing efforts to destroy the capacity for independent thought in favor of Liberal indoctrination and their focus on training through rote in order to churn out good little cogs in the various machines, all American colleges and universities are is zombie spawn points.

If you don’t believe me, just go to any campus and watch the drooling, shuffling hordes wander from class to class, or go look at the recent graduates and they shamble back home to feed off their parents. πŸ˜‰

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