Sweet Dreams ;-)

Sweet Dreams 😉

Sweet dreams, folks. 👿 Maybe now you’ll learn not to surf the internet right before bed. And yes, this squirmy bit of ravenous nightmare fuel is real.

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From Dream To Nightmare

Once upon a time Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that men and women would be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. At a societal level this dream has never been realized, largely because the Liberals, Progressives, and grievance-mongering race hustlers would never allow that culture and character could be separated from race or that any negative judgement of a Black could be other than racist.

Obama turned MLK's dream into a nightmare
From Dream To Nightmare

But MLK’s dream, while still trapped in fantasy, didn’t become a nightmare until Barack Obama was elected and then, unbelievably and irrationally, reelected as POTUS on nothing of significance other than the color of his skin and, in the case of the boy’s reelection, directly in spite of the displayed content of character.

This is truly a national tragedy and a national source of shame. It’s only bright side is that, with the actions, rantings, and accusations of racism by Obama’s followers, Americans can finally see that all such claims and tirades are fraudulent and to be ignored along with those that make them.

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Bloomberg’s Nightmare

And here we have Michael Bloomberg’s nightmare, a weapon of mass destruction that would send shivers down what passes for the would-be tyrant’s spine. Add a 20 Oz soda grenade and the worthless piece of filth would be found pissing himself under a desk somewhere.

WMD Food Gun
Bloomberg’s Nightmare

The verkocteh mamzer is absolutely terrified of food and firearms in the hands of the People.  I can, given Bloomberg’s proclivities, almost understand the former – no bullet fired into him or his kin could be called a waste – but the latter is a sure sign of some sort of derangement. 😉

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Dream For Him

Obama dreams of a second term of office. His narcissism needs to be glutted by that overt sign of approval. But his dream isn’t strong enough, so he needs the Liberals, Progressives, and their minority tenants to dream for him.

Will You Dream For Obama? Will You Fall With Him?
Will You Dream For Him? Will You Fall With Him?

So that becomes the question. Will the Frankensteinian chimera that has been stitched together from the rotting flesh of the various Leftist factions dream for Obama?

That they will fall with him is without question.

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