Our Elder Horror

Our Elder Horror
Behold Our Elder Horror

You young’uns will never understand. And, you should be the thankful that Gen X seems to have been last generation that was generally exposed to this sort of horror. You were never exposed to – and expected to eat – these eldritch monstrosities known as “jello salads.” You never had to and probably never will have to smile at the “church ladies” while trying to choke down some horrific combination of jello, mayonnaise, meat and vegetables.

We are not the same!

Frankly, I think those church lunches, socials, and picnics – all rife with these hellish concoctions – did more for the Atheists’ cause than anything the Democrats did. 😆

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Eastertide Services

Which Eastertide Services Will You Be Attending?
Eastertide Services

As The Portly Politico recently pointed out, tomorrow, being Easter Sunday, many titular Christians will flock to churches across America for their twice yearly church attendance.

Of course, with so many churches in America, especially the “Liberal Churches” trying to cater to the secular biases of so many different types of people, the question is which Eastertide service will you attend.

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Easter Services

Trying To Get To Easter Services In A Blue Is Risky

I truly wish this was pure or close to pure sarcasm, but it isn’t. Christians in Democrat-controlled zones within our nation’s borders who try to attend Easter services – or even funerals some places – are at serious risk of being arrested by police enforcing various executive orders by those Democrat Governors. And, of course, if those police officers feel that those Christians resisted arrested, they can be killed by those same officers.

Yeah, tyranny and oppression is always only one exploitable crisis, manufactured or not, away. All it ever takes for would-be despots to violate our 1st Amendment rights is for them to stop fearing our use of our 2nd Amendment ones.

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The Fall Of Christendom

Ruined ChurchIt’s not unfair to say that, in America, Christendom has fallen. True, it hasn’t hit the ground yet but it’s plummeting towards it insofar as it being a cohesive ethical, social, and political force in America. Christendom’s fall is a woeful but not unexpected course of events and may well be the harbinger of America’s fall as well.

Simply put, this is because the Church, as opposed to- and separate from the Faith, grew, and grew, and grew – and outgrew its purpose, thereby destroying itself. It became something that was largely alien, antithetical even in some instances, from its actual duty and lost its flocks.

One statement, often repeated in clerical circles, sums up the problem that various sects of the Christian church are facing.

The church began as a fellowship in rural Judea. It grew into a movement in Jerusalem. It became a philosophy in Greece, an institution in Rome, a culture in Europe and, when it came to America, it became a business… a highly profitable business.

Despite the hopeful cries of the Godless – and many Pagans – it’s not, insofar as I can see, any issue with Christianity’s doctrine or dogma that has caused Christendom’s fall. It is that the churches have become to embroiled in the secular matters of being businesses and have debased their message of faith by doing so.

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