Nicki’s Offending People

Nicki's Offending People ... Again
Nicki’s Offending People … Again

Singer / Rapper Nicki Minaj – whom my anaconda would most definitely like – is offending people again. This time it’s some of the shots from her upcoming November spread in Marie Claire magazine.

From the teaser excerpts of her interview, I’d say that this time it won’t be anything that she said that offends the “Black Community,” SJWs, and a broad swath of the “Intersectional Feminists.” Ms. Minaj seems to have largely said all the right things and only made statements that might offend people lacking in protected traits. No, it’s going to be the photos of her naked or near-naked with a White Man that’s going to offend the ever-delicate sensibilities of many.

One apparently has to remember that the “Black Community,” SJWs, and “Intersectional Feminists” have their own Jim Crow laws and their own definition of miscegenation. While they approve of Black males with White women, they are dead-set against White men with Black women. Hence, they’re going to be offended by Nicki Minaj’s Marie Claire photos.

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I Love Oreos

I just love Oreos. I mean I truly and love them. Forget just snacking, I can and do have Oreos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too. 😛

I Love Oreos

Oh! And for the record, the cookies are damn fine too. There’s a reason that over the 103 years that Oreos have existed over 450 billion of the cookies have been produced, sold, and happily devoured.

But what I’m talking about and what I love – at least as much as any other variety of woman but probably not much more – is Black babes who aren’t Black by cultural affinity. Yep! Black on the outside and White on the inside suits me to a tittle.

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Hands Up Not Handouts

Mixed CoupleBack in January I passed along LaShaun Williams’ sage advice to Black women on how they should get it right and date, marry, and reproduce with White men as opposed to Black males. Recently it was pointed out to me – quite pointedly – that this advice only works if Black women have the opportunity to date, marry, and reproduce with White men. If White men equally consider Black women as potential partners and mates, this advice is a cruel waste.

So, my fellow White men, we need to embrace the spirit of America being the land of opportunity. One could say, without being far wrong, that it is our patriotic duty to so and to consider Black women as well when reviewing our dating and mating options.

It’s No Act Of Charity

As you can see, gentlemen, adding Black women to the list of potential mates is not act of charity. In this case providing a hand up is no hand out; it’s enlightened self-interest. 😉

And, leaving beauty aside for a moment, Black women are somewhat more likely to be educated than White women. Based upon average yearly college enrollments, 9% of Black women have at least some college education whereas on 7% of White women do.

“Jungle Fever” is offensive and is degrading to all parties involved, so I’m not suggesting you make this a fetish of some sort. Similarly, I not suggesting that, all things being equal, you choose to date and mate Black instead of White. No, gentlemen, I’m merely saying that you shouldn’t limit yourself to just White women.

Sometimes doing the “right” thing is not in any way a chore. 😉

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