Bikini Interlude 67

Bikini Interlude – A Desikini Edition

Straight outta Goa, Gokarna, Tarkarli, Kaup,Tharangambadi? Or gracing the sands of some other beaches? It really doesn’t matter. Desi girls in bikinis – hence, Desikini – make a beautiful and spicy interlude.

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Cola Wars Are Heating Up

The Cola Wars Are Heating Up Again

A whole lot of you are too young to remember the Cola Wars, when Coke and Pepsi were battling it out in an extended, no holds barred slugfest for the world’s soda dollars.

Well, I’m glad that this war has returned and that the Cola Wars are heating right back up. 😉

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A Victorious Diwali

So, this year’s Diwali has ended. Here’s to hoping that beauty has won and that this was a much-needed victorious Diwali. We bloody well need a light in the ongoing darkness.

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Sundarata Vidya Hai

Sundarata Vidya Hai
(Beauty Is True, Perfect Wisdom)

It’s Diwali! The holiday kind of snuck up on me this year. So, here’s my offering of “lights” to celebrate this festival and to remind myself and others that beauty is true, perfect wisdom.

May your life be as colorful, shimmering, and magical as the lights of Diwali. And may the light of beauty set afire the true, perfect wisdom in your heart and banish the darkness in your mind.

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She Listened To My PSA

She Listened To My PSA and chose a sexy costume of something that nobody would consider sexy
She Listened To My PSA

I do so love it when people read and comply with the PSAs and suggestions I make. In this case, this fine Desi babe obviously chose her Halloween costume with my costuming and cosplay suggestion firmly in mind. 😆 😆 😈

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